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Business Marketing Profile

Marketing is defined as the collective process which involves Advertising , distribution, and selling. These three elements are vital for any business who wants to succeed.  One of the best things about owning your own business is that it gives you control on which direction to take.  In a sense you are the captain of you ship.  However, it would be good to note that the success of your business also depends on the time and effort you spend on it. 

One of the key steps in starting a business is to create your marketing profile.  As stated above, it involves advertising, distribution and selling.  Creating a marketing profile helps break down these activities and define goals for your company.

Business Marketing Profile / The Basics

In order for a business marketing profile to impact your advertising, distribution and sales, there are some key points in which you as the business owner will have to identify.  These 4 key points when tied together will create your marketing profile and greatly speed up traffic and interest to your business.

Business Marketing Profile / Identify Your Customer

First, identify your customer.  Who is your target market?  Is your product geared for infants, teenagers, housewives, car enthusiasts?  Identifying your market in relation to how you want to build your website or store front is important.  A customer has to be able to know what you are selling with a single glance.  It doesn’t matter if your business is located in cyberspace or in Main Street USA; traffic drives businesses which in turn generates sales, and generating the correct traffic is important.

Business Marketing Profile / Where is Your Customer

Now that you know who you are selling to, it is important to know where you want to sell your product.  This is called product placement. In the world of cyberspace this translates to where you want to post blogs or advertise in order to reach the correct target market. 

Various blog sites cater to specific bloggers.  There are travel blogs, food blogs and the like, so knowing where to blog and advertise is vital.  In the real world, identify where and how you want your business advertised.  Do you want a huge billboard at the freeway? Or will flyers at the local mall suffice?  Remember that you want the correct set of people to notice your business in order to create traffic.

Business Marketing Profile / How Much Can You Spend

So knowing who you want to reach, how you want to reach them bring us to the third part of your business profile: The Budget. Nobody likes to talk about money and in our society its taboo.  However, businessmen have a saying: “in order to make money, you have to spend money”. 

Prepare a realistic budget that suits your product and marketing plan.  Realistic because your marketing plan is essential in attracting potential customers and customers translates to sales.  If your budget is cheap, chances are you are not maximizing your business potential. 

Just as you need money for starting a business, you will need money to implement customized marketing solutions. If you scrim and save too much, you limit your exposure.  However, don’t go overboard and pour all your resources into your marketing profile.  There are other aspects of the business that need your money too.

Business Marketing Profile / Create Winning Content

Now, you can finally come up with a business plan which identifies your clients and how you can reach them.  But how do you get them to come to your store or visit your site?  By creating ad content that is creative, one of a kind and informative.  Nobody likes to come to a store and find bare countertops and display cases.  Nobody likes to watch a boring commercial.

Nobody likes dreary web pages.  An effective marketing plan tells the customer what you are all about with a single glance.  You are in effect creating recall. Customer recall is important not only for future sales but also reference.  When a client likes what he sees, he remembers it.  It encourages him to come back and maybe to endorse your product to other people.

Business Marketing Profile / Monitor Your Ads

The last part of the Marketing plan is to track and monitor your ads. You need to gauge the effectivity of your campaign in order to update yourself with the current trends and latest fads.  Customers are fickle minded, but so are gadgets, fashion and products.  They create a dynamic cycle of supply and demand that is always changing.  So what might be hip today is sure to be a flop tomorrow.  Update is important.

Your Business Marketing Profile / Wrapping It Up

So how do we wrap this up in a neat bundle?  Your marketing plan is a guide for you to effectively reach out to potential clients and tell them about your store or product.  This plan tells them about you, what you are selling, to whom you are selling to and why this product is effective.  This is your profile.  This is who you are, this is what your product is in relation to your target market. 

Your profile should not only sell your product, you also have to be able to distribute your product and reach the maximum number of potential clients.  Effective selling and distribution equates to sales.  This is why your business profile should tell your client what you are about, and most of all it should tell your client what they can get from you.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is at home, in a commercial location or in the web.  Your business marketing profile is your map in determining which direction you would want to go with your business.  

Business Marketing Profile / Getting Noticed

There are actually people out there who review websites and business establishments.  They form reports and give the public expert advice on which sites and business are up to par with their expectations.  An effective marketing profile helps you get noticed. 

Reviewers may not flock immediately to your place but eventually with the right marketing profile, you may just find yourself the center of a critic or customer review.  So always make an effort to put out your best self.   Keep pace with business trends and changes.  Update your marketing profile as much as you can.  Any publicity may be good publicity but negative publicity can impact future sales, so find ways to highlight your business as much as you can. 

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