Cheesecake Factory
Reveals Their Successful Marketing Strategy

A Successful Marketing Story

Cheesecake Factory is a unique food chain who has almost nil advertising budget on Air, T.V or other media it is an almost $1 billion chain business basically based on Calabasas, California U.S. serves more than just cheesecake! An unique, upscale, casual, dining restaurant generally with more than 200 items menu selections including Appetizers, Pizza, Pasta, Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Sandwiches, Chicken Madeira, Miso Salmon, Cajun Jambalaya Pasta and The Factory Burger. Services are in high energy ambiance 24*7*360 days, serving Appetizers, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Dining, a Full Bar, and Sunday Brunch.

Let us take a brief review of the things behind their ultimate success and thriving capacities during adverse recession time.

Word-of-Mouth Secret Marketing Formula

Cheesecake factory’s 120th store was going to inaugurate at Boise. Mayor of the city, several members of chamber of commerce of the metro, 200 new employees, media person and some eminent personalities of the city were invited for ribbon cutting and subsequently free dinner.

Secrete of the successful marketing of Cheesecake Factory restaurant lies in the word-of-mouth advertising strategy. They mainly rely on to spread excitements for their brand. They not only give free Cheesecake to the media persons present there but also distributes among their entire staff at the office.

Another secrete revealed by its vice president of business development and marketing Mr. Gordon, that he used to give his cell number to every one including media and attend them personally at any time. Company founder Mr. Dave Overton always attends the new inaugurations. Their 80% customers leave with leftovers. These large number of moving bags become their add agency.

cheesecake factory 

Making employees “internal customers” is another secrete behind the Cheesecake Factory successful marketing. The company has daily meeting of their staffers to test their knowledge of a highly complex menus. The company only hires the candidate who can secure 90% score over learning of their menu and company culture. The company grants long duration for its trainee. The incentives for performance and other perks always keep the sprits of the staff alive. If you have ever wondered why customer service is important, learn from the Cheesecake Factory's example.

Extremely professional approach leads to win the loyalty from their customers. Even their patrons are accustomed to wait for two hours for an empty table! Deserts usually found as a hidden menu at other restaurants Cheesecake factory offers it as highlighted one. You may found at least 50 different types of cheesecakes only. According to the Overtone “Ours is a melting pot menu”.

They have added the regional feelings and preferences as well as popular cuisine trends in their menu and thus make it the over size leaflet. Attaining patrons with rapid services and place hottest dishes with a considerable politeness is other facets of their golden coin. This is customer service at its best.

Highly decorative and Spacious restaurants in a costly but premier locations are one of among the hidden secretes. They don’t have corporate real estate staff to make new location selections. They try to convince land lords to contribute in developments in return landlords get a lot up traffic and high volume. They choose sites near the groups of medium to high income people and prefer apartment dwellers rather than home owners by considering the fact that those apartment dwellers tend to out more frequently than the home owners.

“What’s your flavor” programs gives a chance to choose ingredients from pull down menu to the virtual participations and shows it creation layer by layer accompanied with music, video etc. These new flavored Cheesecake then named after his menu maker and added in Factories menu for a year.

Not only these but also Cheesecake Factories donate $0.25 earned over the selling of each piece of these specially named menu to the “Food for Hungry America” program and steal a lot up sympathy from mass at large. This is restaurant promotion at its best. Such hype over net creates a web viral marketing phenomena.

Catering services. Cheesecake Factory put the fingers on the customers’ nerves during recession time by offering catering services to the gift offering lovers who prefer to stay at home and want to gift some thing exciting to their loved ones. Their services are at par. They offer all of Cheesecake Factory favorites as take-out platters that serve up to 8 people. All in the boxed lunch package with fresh fruit, potato chips and a Godiva® Chocolate Brownie. People prefer such catering services mostly at office meetings and picnic places too.

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