Cheesecake Factory Recipes
Use Them and You Could Get Sued

Cheesecake Factory Recipes

“Cheesecake Factory Serves Suit, Says Recipes Stolen

September 23, 1999 in print edition C-2, Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
The Cheesecake Factory Inc. has sued a Miami Beach cafe, accusing it of filching secret recipes for dishes ranging from Apple Banana Nut French Toast to Tex Mex Egg Rolls.”
Some one may think that it seems o.k. to suit for stealing an engineering formula or a pharmaceutical research secrete but just for recipes! Yes this is absolutely true. Look at following quotes
“It’s a fair method of competition to go into a restaurant, decide you like a certain dish and try to replicate that dish from your taste buds,” Cheesecake Factory Restaurant attorney Scott Cagan said Wednesday.

“It’s quite another thing to steal tangible recipes from a restaurant that invests hundreds and thousands of dollars to develop them and hire that company’s former cooks, who were trained by that restaurant, to execute the recipes.”

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That day onwards the demand for Cheesecake Factory’s food increase tremendously. Why? Because people realized that what much care has been take for their tastes? And the money spent for that?

Cheesecake Factory Recipes / Miama in Hot Water

According to Daily News (Los Angeles, C.A.), “The Company filed the lawsuit in Florida Circuit Court Sept. 16 against the Nexxt Cafe, a busy local eatery that opened in May on south Miami Beach’s trendy Lincoln Road.”
“The lawsuit alleges the cafe owners violated Florida trade laws by persuading Cheesecake Factory cooks to photocopy proprietary recipes, and hiring them to cook the dishes at Nexxt Cafe.”

“The lawsuit also accuses the cafe owners of inducing former Cheesecake Factory employees to violate written agreements promising not to disclose the recipes and cooking methods.”

Cheesecake Factory Recipes / Employees Sign on the Dotted Line

Of course they take care of this at the time of hiring a new employee. Cheesecake Factory takes written agreements from each and every new hiring in their staff to not to disclose any secrete formula for preparing their delicious food. Cheesecake factory constantly try to improve the flavor of the food and updated their menu for items in most demand in respect to the local tastes and cultures.

“The Cheesecake Factory is asking for an injunction barring the cafe from using the recipes, plus unspecified monetary damages. It said it spends more than $500,000 a year to develop recipes and train chefs, and suffered irreparable damages from the alleged recipe piracy.”

Cheesecake Factory Recipes / Review From Yelp

This is a big and an eye opener lesson at the marketing point of views. Now a days our marketing maestro thought us to spent a big chunk for advertising, packaging, for distribution net working, etc. but no word spell to put emphasis on making quality goods and keeping it forever.

The real reviews depicted in Yelp see the review given below:
Ivy W.
Los Angeles, CA
4 star rating
I have a love/hate relationship with this location:

- Cool view of Union Square
- Couches on the floor below for you to sit and relax if you have a 1 hour plus wait
- Good food
- Balcony seating

- 2 hour wait on a Friday night D;
- a bitch to get up to (8 floors up via escalator OR 30 minute wait for the elevator)
- Complete chaos on a busy night”

Here “Ivy W.” has point out first thing “Cool view”. Cheesecake Factory always chooses decent locations and spent or tries to convince their landlords to spend on interior décor in a good deal. Second thing is good and qualitative food and finally the services Cheesecake offers, prompt and with a manner acceptable to all.

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Cheesecake Factory Recipes / They Are Doing Something Right
These all show that how successful they are in their goals. No doubt none can satisfy every one but Cheesecake Factory’s efforts brings 70% affirmative yields. This is quite significant ratio in itself. Conclusively others have to learn some lessons from the Cheesecake Factory.

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