Customer Service Scripts
The Good and the Bad


Why Should I Use Scripts for Customer Service?

What are customer service scripts? These scripts are essentially pre-written conversations that need to be followed closely by personnel assigned to deal with customers. This prepared conversation only needs to have the current customer’s name inserted in the proper places.

Many businesses use scripted conversations to minimize communication errors. This is especially true of new employees dealing with complex information. Scripting reduces the chances of an employee giving wrong information to a customer. It also ensures that their staff gives correct information and asks relevant questions.

A well written script should cover most situations that come up in the course of a meeting or a phone call from a customer. Scripts also manifest their usefulness in meetings with clients because the message communicated will be consistent even when different individuals are conducting.


What Is The Difference Between Customer Service Scripts And Operating Procedures?

Some companies don’t make a distinction between a script and an operating procedure. A script is a conversation that is written down while an operating procedure is a set of instructions that lay out guidelines for actions for service personnel. Operating procedure does not tell your staff what to do exactly or what exactly to say.

Which of these two would have a better result? This would depend on some factors inherent to your business and to the level of training of your customer service personnel. If your business is highly technical or is complex and you are fielding newly trained personnel your company would be better off with a rigid script.

If you have more experienced customer service personnel with proven track records in this field, your company might be benefitted more by the flexibility that an operating procedure can present. The advantage that operating procedures have besides some flexibility, is that your staff will sound less like robots than personnel speaking memorized lines.

Another is the potential panic by personnel when they have to deal with something not in the script is lessened by the flexibility of an operating procedure.

Can I Just Write Out The Customer Service Scripts For My Personnel?

Of course, but there are plenty of resources on the internet that you can take advantage of, and furthermore these scripts have been written by people knowledgeable in this field. This will take the guesswork out of the picture. You can always hire customer service experts but this will entail some expense.

Check out CustomerServiceZone. This site is worth looking at if you are in the process of writing your own customer service scripts. There are also books for sale which have well crafted scripts for almost any situation. These books can be useful to the small business trying to prepare customer service scripts for their own use.

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