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As we begin to define leadership we will take you back in time...

All the animals living on the earth share similar tendencies for a cluster of behaviors: violence, territoriality, and competition uniting behind the one chief male of the land. This position is contentious. Many animals are territorial, compete, exhibits violence and have a social structure controlled by a dominant male. Scientists describe this behavior as the formation of patriarchal society.  

In case of “bonobos”, a nearly relatives of “Homo sapiens” exhibited matrilineal traits. Thus we can say that leadership is not gender biased traits and descending it from very primitive levels. This trait had attributed a lot in formation and evolutions of human society.

Define Leadership / Evolution Strengthens Character

In ancient times man was concentrated on his personal security, maintenance and survival. Now in modern era man spends a major portion of his waking hours working for organizations or called society by and large. In return society provides security, protection, maintenance, and a feeling of belonging. This need is met by the informal organization and its emergent, or unofficial, leaders.

There is lot up definitions found on the web. But we would like to say that a leader is anyone who influences a group toward obtaining a particular result. It is not dependant on title or formal authority. In simple words we can define leadership as it is an art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Today leadership qualities embody more than you may expect:

  • Judgment: An ability to weigh facts in order to make sound decision. Sound judgment leads to better decision in guidance and training.
  • Justice: Giving rewards and punishment when ever needed. Displaying fairness and impartialities in order to gain trust and respects of team members and maintain discipline and unit cohesion.
  • Decisiveness: Able to make clear and prompt decisions. This quality accumulate the facts in due course to over come an adverse situation and then weigh it and suggests alternate course of actions.
  • Initiative: Taking actions in absence of orders by using commonsense and good judgment.
  • Dependability: The certainty of proper performance. When assign a task they are certain about its accomplishments without defining minor requirements.
  • Tact: Able to deal others without creating hostility. Good leaders always behave courteously with others and show maturity.
  • Integrity: The quality of truthfulness and honesty.
  • Endurance: The mental and physical stamina to with stand against pains, stress, hardships and fatigue encounter during business developments and survival.
  • Bearings: Creating a favorable impression in carriage, appearance and personal conducts.
  • Unselfishness: Avoids one’s own personal comfort and advancement at expense of others.
  • Courage: Knowing and standing for what is right in any circumstances.
  • Knowledge: Gaining and understanding of information pertaining to general and professional level.
  • Loyalty: This is a quality of faithfulness towards self, work and organization or country.
  • Enthusiasm: The display of sincere interests and exuberance in the performance.

Additional Leadership Resources are available for your curiosity and increased skill.

Define Leadership / Leaders vs Managers

The term leadership and management always need particular distinctions. According to some scholar leadership is closely links with managements while some say management is subset of leadership.

In broad sense leadership occurs when some one try to influence the behavior of an individual or a group, regardless of reasons whilst the management is a kind of leadership where the achievement of organizational goal is utmost priority.

Here are some distinctions between managers and leaders according to Wikipedia:
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define leadership


Define Leadership / Conclusion

Leadership is an organizational role involves:

  • Establish a clear vision

  • Sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly

  • Provide the knowledge, information and methods to realized that vision

  • Coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of the all members

  • A leader comes at forefront whenever crises arise and able to think and act creatively in difficult situations

Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of personalities and can not be thought but may be enhance by mentoring. Hence the role of real mentor is significant here. We would like to act as your mentor and would like to draw you and your business to achieve realistic goals by realistic methods of marketing such as word-to-mouth, viral marketing and obtaining reputation awards form here.

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