Definition of Success
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Definition of Success
The American Heritage Dictionary defines success as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. Is success the accomplishment of a task with acceptable results? Success can also mean the identification of personal goals and achieving the desired result.

The multitude of definitions that success has merely means that it means different things to different people. To some success may signify the amount of money that they make. Having a nice car loaded with all the modern widgets is an indicator of their place in the food chain. Material possessions may not mean success to some individuals if they do not find peace and contentment in materialism.

Sometimes success is measured by milestones. These are not the literal milestones of the highway but rather the smaller goals that you set on the way to the bigger goal of your final destination. In setting up a business say you set a goal within your goal of starting a restaurant, finding a good location first would be a good milestone.

Definition of Success / How Do I Know If I Am Successful?

For the small business owner success can be measured in financial terms. The reason that you are in business in the first place is financial. Milestones can be set that will measure how far along you are in your journey to the destination of your dream. Small steps lead the way to success. The bottom line in your business would be the most tangible indicator of what you are trying to achieve.

There are other more intangible indicators of what success is. Reputation and your good name are good examples of intangible success indicators. A sterling viral reputation is intangible yet is easily turned into sales which will directly affect the bottom line.

Another more intangible indicator is your happiness factor. You can have all the material successes that you ever dreamt of but the question remains are you happy with your circumstances at the moment? Albert Schweitzer once said the “success is not the key to happiness but rather happiness is the key to success”. If you are happy in doing what you do then it won’t be a burden to work hard it will instead be a pleasure.

Definition of Success / What Then Is The Ultimate Measure of Success?

Often the line between success and failure is indistinct. There are those who have failed but continue with their various endeavors and so ultimately gain the rewards of success. There are also those who seemed to have succeeded but have gained such an utter pride that they are doomed to fail because of their hubris.

 There are also measures of success that are not based on personal achievement, material wealth, or social status but rather on measures of moral values and personal conscience. Some individuals give up very lucrative careers to devote themselves to causes which they believe in. Are these people failures?

Definition of Success / A Work in Progress

There are those who are worth billions of dollars in personal assets but are universally despised. Are they regarded as successes? Success is not and cannot be an absolute nor is failure. It is only the existence of conscience and the ability to make moral judgments that is within us that is the biggest measurement of success.

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