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Direct mail promotions are one of the channels of direct marketing. Direct marketing, on the other hand, is one of the main sub-categories of marketing. In this category of marketing, the provider sends messages directly to the target population or consumers. This is done without the use of multimedia. Usually, low-budget medium are being utilized in direct marketing.  

Examples of direct marketing channels are direct mail promotions, email, and telemarketing. The main goal of direct mail promotions is to encourage purchase or use of offered items and services.

Direct Advertising

Direct mail is the most common form of direct advertising. It is done by sending letters through mail to target customers. More often than not, a list of customers is being utilized for practical reasons. It is also sometimes called junk mail. These letters are usually unsolicited.

Junk mails may include catalogs, trial CDs, newsletters, and other unsolicited merchandising. Direct mail promotions are a considerable amount in the total mail volume. Because of this fact, special bulk mail rates were established exclusively for direct mail promotions.

These special bulk mail rates enable marketers to send mail at a substantially lower cost than regular first-class rates. One pre-requisite imposed by post offices though is that the mails should be sorted in particular ways so as to reduce handling, and subsequently cost, required by the post office.

Data Base Marketing

Database marketing is the process of analyzing databases to locate the most fitting mail recipients. Marketers often refine direct mail promotion recipients through targeted mailing. Certain databases are analyzed to select recipients who would most likely to respond positively.

For example, a person who has an established interest in cooking or baking may receive direct mail for baking and cooking products and equipments or perhaps cookbooks and recipe booklets.  

Basically, there are two kinds of list available for marketers who employ direct mail promotions. These lists can be purchased from supplier companies which specifically cater to direct mail marketers. The first kind of list is the so called hot list.

Personalize Your Message

This list contains people who have demonstrated interest in similar products or services. The cold list on the other hand consists of random people who have no proven interest in certain types of products. As expected, the hot lists are the more expensive ones.

When sending out mail promotions, don’t forget to pay attention to loyal customers. Letters to these customers may be tailored to include advance sale notices, discounts, or special offers. Loyal customers will feel important and valued dearly when special attention is given to them even just through mail.

When sending out direct mail to companies, it is a must to know the name of the specific person receiving it. Lone writing of the person’s title like CEO or President would imply that appropriate attention is not given and may result in the disinterest of the recipient.

How to write an effective direct mail letter

Composing an effective direct mail letter is the key to attract positive response from mail recipients. Because of this major task, big businesses would even hire direct marketing professionals to construct their mailings. However, an effective direct mail letter could be possible by just simply following these points:

  • Get their attention. Begin the letter with a question or statement that would most probably strike the customer. This grabs the customer’s attention immediately thus increasing your letter’s chance of being opened and read instead of directly hitting the trash bin. With direct mail promotions, it is first of all about getting the customers attention.

  • Use Catchy headlines. Use headlines that focus on the reader’s problem or interest to keep their attention. To be able to pull this off, think in terms of customers’ urgent concerns, goals, or fears.

  • Solve problems. Once their attention is caught, sell the product or service by telling them how these could help solve their problems. A good direct mail letter engages the reader’s attention in the product’s or service’s benefits long enough to be able to reach the letter’s call to action.

    The call to action should not necessarily be at the end of the letter. It could be anywhere in the letter and could subsequently take many forms. To be more appealing, present an irresistible offer or give something of value in exchange of a response.

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