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Examples Of Good Customer Service / What Is Customer Service?

Customer services are the activities that businesses engage in beyond the production of their product. These activities are intended to increase customer satisfaction. These activities may involve all the aspects of your business starting from the production of a superior product to the way your sales personnel deal with their customers all the way to the complaints department which will need to deal with any problems that the customer encounters in using your product.

These activities should be designed to meet and even exceed the expectations of your customers. Satisfied and delighted customers are customers who will come back to patronize your business. Good customer service is instrumental in the long term success of any business. If your customer service is poor even the best product or service will not ensure long term success for your business.

Examples Of Good Customer Service / Keep The Coming Back

Several studies have shown that bringing in new customers cost five times more than retaining a customer. The data also indicates the inclination that satisfied regular customers increasing amounts with the business that they feel has treated them the best. Customer service activities is the best way that your business can stand out in a market where you will be offering a product or service that will be almost identical to several other businesses.

A successful business must develop a culture of excellent customer service or you will be left behind in a competitive market. An excellent method to find the best way that you can give superior customer service is to diligently follow some tried and tested ways.

Here are 3 examples of good customer service:

1. Think about the customer more than your profit margin.
A perfect example would be a potential customer entering your store asking about an inexpensive item which you have stored in hard to reach place. Instead of not entertaining that customer because the profit would be small and to get the item you’d have to move several heavy boxes you treat him well and get the item he needs and make him happy he did business with you because this guy may recommend you to a friend that needs a thousand pieces of the item.

2. Keep a cool head.
Dealing with an irate customer is an opportunity to show that you care about long term relationships more than short term profits with your patrons. When you really listen to what the customer is angry about and really try to find a solution to his problem instead of just trying to brush aside his problems with insincere apologies you will soothe him better and probably you will gain a loyal and repeat customer.

3. Surprise them with generosity.
Incidents of excellent customer service are most often heard of in small businesses. A friend of mine once called up an order in a pizza shop. When he got there he found that they had got the order wrong. Instead of two pizzas he expected he got one pizza with two kinds of toppings.

When he talked to the manager who was also the owner he just requested another pizza just like it. However, the manager gave him the two pizzas he ordered plus the one they got wrong and these were all free of charge! My friend would probably be ordering enough pizzas from this place to more than make up for the prize of those free pizzas.

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