Free Money For Small Business
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Free Money For Small Business

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - The bill to funding new government programs to help create jobs, restore economic growth and strengthens middle class of the country. Now look at a glance that what people prefer a most. The below given Gallup poll indicates the job creation would be the first preference of the public.

Just think practically lot up job creation possible with small to medium businesses only big businesses always enhancement of automation only. Evidently Government bodies would try to encourage the developments of small and medium businesses by any means whatever needed.

Granting free money for small business would be one of them. Let us take a bird view over the Government institutes as well as Private Funding bodies have what to offer for small businesses.

Free Money For Small Business / It's There For the Taking

According to a survey 3588 program run by Federal Government U.S.A., 28408 State Government programs, 22745 Charitable Private Foundations and 19000+ Scholarship programs are available to obtain free money for the real needy one. These all even without considering your low bank credit status, your bankruptcy status and all to return never!

“What do you say? never return and free money easily available? Oh then we will take it and will go to casino and play gambling if we win it will be double or multiple money and finally no need to do any work and we will enjoy throughout life!”

These are the possibilities so avoid such scenario government never hand over money with an ease which is claim by many web sites. Most of the federal government grants goes to the state government and state direct it to small business administrations and further these SBA distributes it among the small business development centers (SBDC).

In turn SBDC offers seminars, one- to-one advice sessions and hire consultants to assist develop new business and extend helping hand to needy running one. Government also provides support to the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCRE), which offer free counseling on small business issues.

Free Money For Small Business / Community Block Grants

Dear reader just think if you go to take services of this kind in open market then how much you have to pay? A lot up money, don’t you? That’s why we say it free money and you never have to return or pay back.

One way that the government does provide grant money to individuals, is through community block grants. These are grants allocated to a particular region where the government wants to promote growth. To qualify for a block grant, a business has to demonstrate the ability to create jobs for the area.

Government Cash Grants which you never have to pay back.

Free Money For Small Business / FBA

Federal Business Administration: The main role of FBA is to guide new entrepreneur and connect them to the Government. The duty of government is to assist the new entrepreneur and utilize tax payer money to grow and flourish their cities. The small business is a back bone of strong economy so their growth with in shortest period is the aim of the government.

By keeping this aim they make grants available within a week period. Federal Business Grant Data-base provides the information that how much you can get for your business properties like offices, shops, etc. and for other accessories like office furniture and for payroll for your employee.

You can request a copy of free grant kit. The guaranteed loan program of FBA is for a business loan for a favorable interest rate and you can benefit from it too. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is resource for all federal schemes, eligibility requirements and contact information.

Free Money For Small Business / Other Agencies

State economic development agencies: Each state has an agency to administrate business grants. Generally the Department of Commerce or Economic Development agencies takes part to distribute business grants. is a good source to get the list of the state agencies who grant money for new business. Regular update is also found here.

Government at U.S.A. in wake of recession recover act is literally giving away over $1.5 Trillion dollars in free grants in 2009. Go to Government Grant Authority to find out more.

For small business there are enough grants money available we can say that in America, at least $70,000 for each business unit. You can use small business grants to expand an existing one.

Free Money For Small Business / and More

On you will find the list of the links to economic development agency web sites of each state that means the small business grants you need to expand your small business is available right in your own home state.

The Foundation Directory Online - The foundation center has established a premier data base for grant seeking entrepreneurs. Besides access to the fund’s grant they offer some more valuable services like IRS 990s, grant maker websites, daily philanthropy news and RFPs on FDO “welcome” screen. Online tutorials are available for new business developers. They also provide educational sessions at their development centers.

Free Money For Small Business / And They Keep On Coming

Uncle Sam’s money : This directory listing connects the new entrepreneurs to agencies who grant money for new business:

Private foundations: The private foundations are formed by wealthy corporations, trusts and individuals to grant money for new business. The tax exemption status granted by governments pose a condition that they have to spend 5% of their total assets each year. Each foundation targets certain segments of population or certain geographical area to grant money for new business.

Federal program and state program also to grant money for small business.

Business to Business Directory: Apart from money development of a business need some knowledge pool that is called B2B contacts. Here you will find companies relevant resources and connections to vendors, suppliers and service providers which are essentials to conduct a smooth and successful business.

Other B2B directoriesfor free money for small business:
B2B list
B2B yellow pages
world trade business directory

And for even more free money resources go to our Grant Money For New Business page.
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