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Grant money for new business

When you are going to start a small business you might have good business plan, presentation skill, confidence and knowledge about your product but may lack of down payment if you think of to go for a reputed bank or institute alike.

In case of an angel investor you may have the business asset of lower value. In such scenario some government agencies and some private organizations will be at your rescue. If you need money for starting a business or money for expanding an existing business - you are at the right place.

Grant money for new business / Federal Grants Find and apply for U.S. federal grants. The U.S. department of health and human resources are the partners of this e-Gov. process. Here you would be guided to process to obtain about 900 grants from 26 federal government agencies.

Federal Business Administration. The main role of FBA is to guide new entrepreneur and connect them to the Government. The duty of government is to assist the new entrepreneur and utilize tax payer money to grow and flourish their cities. The small business is a back bone of strong economy so their growth with in shortest period is the aim of the government.

Serving You Quickly

By keeping this aim they make grants available within a week period.  Federal Business Grant Data-base provides the information that how much you can get for your business properties like offices, shops, etc. and for other accessories like office furniture and for payroll for your employee. You can request a copy of free grant kit.

The guaranteed loan program of FBA is for a business loan for a favorable interest rate and you can benefit from it too. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is resource for all federal schemes, eligibility requirements and contact information.

State Agencies

State economic development agencies. Each state has an agency to administrate business grants. Generally the Department of Commerce or Economic Development agencies takes part to distribute business grants. is a good source to get the list of the state agencies who grant money for new business. Regular update is also found here.

Economic Development Directory. This site contains the list of more than two thousands economic development agencies world wide and separate list of the state wise for U.S.A. The lists of business consultants, site selection consultants and other useful business organizations are also available. They constantly add and updated these resources.

The Foundation Directory Online. The foundation center has established a premier data base for grant seeking entrepreneurs. Besides access to the fund’s grant they offer some more valuable services like IRS 990s, grant maker websites, daily philanthropy news and RFPs on FDO “welcome” screen. Online tutorials are available for new business developers. They also provide educational sessions at their development centers.

Uncle Sam’s money. This directory listing connects the new entrepreneurs to agencies who grant money for new business.

Grant money for new business / Private Foundations

The private foundations are formed by wealthy corporations, trusts and individuals to grant money for new business. The tax exemption status granted by governments pose a condition that they have to spend 5% of their total assets each year. Each foundation targets certain segments of population or certain geographical area to grant money for new business.

Grant money for new business / Other Resources

Capital publications: Apart from new business grant they also guide us to obtain housing, medical, education, minority grants and other so many services related to one’s financial problems.

Grant money for new business / Other Countries

Canada small business grants and loans

UK government grants and support directory

New Zealand: Enterprise Development Grants

Australian federal government grants & funding

Grant money for new business / Tips for small business who apply for government grants:

  1. Prepare a 5 year business plan includes your product, your market, your managing and your selling team and finally your ideas about finance managements.

  2. Prepare a presentation covering these all topics.

  3. Prepare a valuation sheet.

  4. Use format for application they provides.

  5. Make sure that applications should be neat and tidy.

  6. Structure your “seed capital” as common stock not preferred stock.

  7. Never hand over your plans, instead of prefer presentation by you first.

  8. Set a realistic dead line for the investment.

  9. After investment keep them informed by quarterly reports.

  10. Do a Contented course and improve both your web site and your grant application.

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