Improve Customer Services
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Improve Customer Services

One the most important aspects for the success of your business is the satisfaction that your customer feels about your product or your service and how he was treated by you and your employees. You may engage in all sorts of marketing and promotion strategies to bring in new customers and this is all well and good but statistics show that it costs five times more to bring in new customers than to keep a customer happy and thus keep them coming back.

Customer services should be an integral part of your business because any business endeavor that interacts with the community will find it necessary to implement an effective customer service program to increase patronage and more importantly to retain old valued patrons.

Improve Customer Services / Wow Your Patrons

To consistently meet and even exceed the expectation of your customers will ultimately be the purpose of why you would want to improve customer services. This means that customer services will not be limited to customer relations.

If your business produces an excellent item which does not work or your distribution and delivery system cannot be relied on to deliver the item on time will affect customer satisfaction as negatively as a rude sales staff. This means that the whole company needs to work together to consistently exceed the expectations of the customer.

How Do I Improve Service For Our Patrons?

A customer service improvement project needs to start with an evaluation. There are several general fields which need to be examined to determine which need to be enhanced. These include customer relations, feedback mechanisms, and employee commitment to customer satisfaction.

Areas which need upgrading of operating procedures can be recognized and identified. The result of the evaluation can then be used as a basis for a training requirement analysis to develop a comprehensive customer services training program.

Customer Service / 3 Underlying Principles

There are general principles that need to be applied to improve customer services. These are commonsense principles and are easy to put into practice. Your personnel just need to be reminded of the underlying principles of customer service from time to time.

The first principle is communication.
Communication does not just mean press releases or press conferences. This means more than just an announcement of whatever new gimmick that your company is promoting at the moment. The company should seek ways to receive effective and accurate actionable feedback from its customers and methods to assure them that you can supply what they need or what they want.

The second principle is to exceed the expectations of your customers consistently.
This should be an attitude as well as company policy. This attitude will ensure that your sales personnel will go that extra mile for the customer without the thought of being inconvenienced.

And the third principle is to make changes based on feedback.
Follow through is an essential part of customer service. When you have an effective feedback mechanism it is absolutely important that the customers know that their complaints and gripes were not just tossed into the trash bin. You must act on their complaints so that they will recognize you’re your company is serious about providing customer service.

Improve Customer Services / In Closing...

When these underlying principles are implemented and ingrained in company culture you will have the potential for significant revenue increase as a consequence when you pay attention to your customer's needs. There is also direct evidence of better customer loyalty and retention which will result in a better bottom line for you.

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