Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising
SEO Techniques to Create an Effective Plan

Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising / Use of SEO Techniques

There are several known ways to increase traffic to a website. Any website owner desires to have his page displayed in top search engines known to the virtual world. But unfortunately, simply submitting one’s URL to these search engines would not right away increase traffic. Having one’s site displayed in the search engine’s Nth page is useless when most people won’t even go past the first and second page results.

One of the best known and mostly utilized methods to increase page rank in search engines is Search Engine Optimization. Because of the significance of this internet marketing promotion advertising strategy, some business owners would even hire professional SEO copy writers to write web content for their respective sites. However, to write good SEO pages, there are two main things to keep mind:

  • Ensure good word density (1%-4% of total word count) while avoiding redundancy

  • Ensure that keywords appear the same all over the text

Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising / Use of Reciprocal Listing

Reciprocal listing is one of the most effective and economical way of increasing site traffic. This internet marketing promotion advertising strategy has two main benefits. First, reciprocal linking increases site visitors by getting the site’s URL on various web pages all over the net. By getting a site’s link on other website link directories or listings, the paths leading back to that certain site increases, thus possibly increasing site traffic.

Second, it increases site traffic by getting the site in a higher page rank in different search engines. Reciprocal listing increases a site’s chance to rank as high as getting listed in the first few pages of search engine results. This is due to the fact that search engines take into consideration the frequency and quantity of back links of a certain site when ranking.

Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising / Use of Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchange websites receive various website submissions from website owners in order for their site to be included in traffic exchange networks. An individual who has submitted a website is obliged to view or browse other members’ sites to earn credits, thus enabling their submitted websites to be viewed by other people in the network as well. As a result, this reciprocal browsing and viewing of members’ sites increase traffic in all the sites involved.  

A good number of traffic exchange programs are free to use. There are certain exceptions though that offers special features to paid members. Basically, traffic exchange programs are used by small business owners or marketers who either want free or low-cost advertising.

Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising / Use of Opt-in Email Lists

A good strategy to make people visit sites frequently or over and over again is by having site visitors to sign up for an opt-in email list. People who have signed up for this service may receive newsletters, updates, tips, special offers, or articles through email while at the same time encouraging them to visit the site.

There are many available pre-written e-zines with accompanying auto-responder in the net. Some of them may be used for free. These are great for starters. To be able to acquire subscribers, posting a form in the website could to the job. Another way is by submitting the website or e-zine to e-zine directories that could easily be searched in Google.

Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising / Plaques & E-Plaques for Your Positive Reviews

Do you have a positive review on Yelp, CitySearch, Zagat or any other review site? You may and not realize it. To see professional and beautifully crafted plaques and to see how your establishment's review can be displayed, visit In the Spotlight. There are also e-plaques available to proudly display your glowing review. This is advertising you can not do with out.

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