Keys to Good Customer Service
Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Commodity


Keys to Good Customer Service / What Is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the activities that a company engages in before, during, and after a sale. These activities are designed to enhance and even to exceed customer satisfaction. In today’s market environment where the competition for market share is really extreme, an excellent product or service is no longer enough. Customers today want more for the least amount of money.

Keys to Good Customer Service / Customers Notice Everything

Businesses offering almost the same products or services as their competitors need to stand out. When a company has friendly and accommodating sales personnel value is added to the product. A customer appreciates immensely the ease and comfort with which they can purchase your product. An effective and efficient customer service department that can resolve problems that the customer can encounter after the purchase of the product can increase customer retention.

Keys to Good Customer Service / Keep Them Coming Back

Research has shown that bringing in a new customer costs five times more than retaining one. The data also indicates that regular patrons tend to increase their spending with the company that they have come to trust and appreciate. Regular customers are the lifeblood of a business.


What Are The Keys To Good Customer Service?

Exceed Expectations.
To meet and consistently exceed the expectations of your customer should be the objective that you set for your customer service. Most customers will not be back if they feel even the slightest bit that they were mistreated. The following are some keys to good customer service.

Know Your Customer.
Develop and cultivate a relationship with your customers. When you and your staff develop rapport and cultivate a relationship with your customer this will result in a more personalized service and a more satisfying experience for the patron.

Treat Your Customer With Respect.
Deal with your customers honestly. If you lie to a customer and he finds out about it, you can be sure that you will not be seeing him again in your establishment. If a customer seeks your assistance about a product choice, do not try to sell him a something which makes the best profit for you instead offer a product that will best suit his needs.

Train Your Staff Well.
Train your personnel to care for your customers as you do. If a customer needs something to which you do not have easy access go the extra mile to get him what he needs. This positive attitude will be conveyed to and be appreciated by the customer. This is an attitude which has already decided to do what it can for the customer.

Do Not Promise What You Can't Deliver.
A promise to a customer should be kept. Don’t promise something unless you can keep that promise. Broken promises will make customers feel betrayed. When trust is lost it is extremely difficult to regain and sometimes even impossible. Keep track of your promises and confirm whatever progress you have made towards keeping your promises.

Never Blame the Customer.
Take the blame for hitches that happen. It is extremely difficult for most people to admit to making a mistake. If an irate customer makes a complaint and you taking the blame can defuse the situation to the point where resolution of the problem can be simple. So, yes, the customer is always right.

Keys to Good Customer Service / Aim For Excellence

The object of good customer service is to provide a satisfying experience for your customers when they do business with your establishment. When customers are satisfied and contented they are retained and often will tell their friends about how good you are to do business with. This free promotion will enhance your reputation. You cannot afford to have plenty of dissatisfied customers because negative reactions will have an impact on your bottom line whether you like it or not.

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