Mobile Social Networking
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Mobile Social Networking

Social networking has become trendy among the cyber crowd.  MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Bebo and Friendster are among the most visited sites in the internet today, and unsurprisingly, all are social networking websites.  Social networking started out as a way for people to get in touch with friends and family.  It is a venue to share experiences, photos, videos and to find more friends. 

Now, social networking sites are becoming potential marketing and business tools.  And this is no wonder since social networking sites may be utilized as gateways for expanding your client base and finding potential customers.

Anybody Home?

The social networking craze has infiltrated another form of technology.  Where it was once limited to cyberspace, it has spread its wings and found its way into our cell phones.  Welcome to the world of mobile social networking, where you can do most of the things you usually do in your pc or laptop and go wireless via your mobile phone. 

Mobile Social Networking / Here Are the Stats

Social networking of the mobile variety is becoming increasingly popular.  And it’s not really surprising since there are 3.3 billion mobile phone subscribers around the world.  This number surpasses the number of people who have access to the internet.  In the United Kingdom for example, 44 of people who use the internet regularly belong to an online social networking group.  Of the 44%, 25% of those people also use their mobile phones for social networking. 

Studies have shown that in 5 years, the total population of mobile phone subscribers using mobile social networking will increase by 12.5%.  China, Japan and Korea have an even higher percentage of their population who use mobile social networking compared to western countries.  This is primarily due to better cellular reception and competitive flat rates offered to mobile phone users. 


In the United States, Cingular, the country’s biggest mobile phone company in terms of subscribers has begun selling phones with the MySpace default paged pre-loaded into their phones.  Cingular subscribers get a text message in their phones every time somebody posts a comment or when receive friend requests in their web pages.   

Many other social networks are joining the mobile bandwagon.  Facebook has reportedly partnered with iPhone maker Apple to pre-load their mobile phones with the pre-customized website.  The site is impressive.  It uses java to refresh your page where you can view your profile, post blogs and announcements and do whatever it is you normally do with your computer using your iPhone. 

The Future

A feature that is boosting the popularity of mobile social networking is the ability of mobile phones to pinpoint the exact location of the user via global positioning satellite.  GPS and cameras are available in most cell phones.  Avid fans of mobile social networks are able to send pictures to each other with a caption of where and when the picture was taken.  This feature is also available for video, along with its live streaming feature.

The mobile phone can do what your computer can in terms of social networking via the cell.  You can create a profile, upload and share photos and videos, send messages and blogs to friends in your network.  But what sets the mobile phone apart from the computer is its portability and its ready access to the internet via the cell sites.

In Closing...

Industry experts report that by 2012 every mobile phone subscriber will access their favorite site using their phones.  The race is now on for social networking sites to offer the best features, apps and add-ons in order to retain and attract its clients. 

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