Portland Restaurant Reviews
Best Places to Eat in Portland, Oregon

Portland Restaurant Reviews
The places with huge population are known for their multi-cultural environment. Cuisine always plays a major part in representing such environment with endless experimentations involving diverse dishes from various parts of the world.

Portland in the Pacific Northwest has appeared in the scene with an ever growing number of restaurants. The city is the third most populous city in Pacific Northwest region with Vancouver and Seattle being the first two.

Further, the fact, as per July 2006 record, of being the 23rd most populous city in the United States with nearly two million people living in the Portland metropolitan area, assists in giving birth of a burgeoning foodie scenario.

Picture above represents a view of Portland Oregon.

Recently Portland was recognized by the Food Network Awards as their "Delicious Destination of the Year: A rising city with a fast-growing food scene". The city with its growing number of restaurants has received a significant coverage in media, as well, with the New York Times publishing articles describing the scenario in detail.

With such a vibrating scenario around, will you be able to deprive yourself from getting involved?  

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Continue reading on to enable yourself with the information on some of the best restaurants of Portland...

Nicholas Restaurant
318 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214

nicholas portlandWebsite: Nicholas Restaurant

Cuisine: Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian

Special Features: Local Favorite, Lunch Spot, Cheap Eats

Nicholas is one of the most sought–after Middle–Eastern food–joints of Portland. The place remains a favorite for locals since it continues serving best quality foods in unbelievably low price. Another trademark feature of the restaurant lies in flavor of the prepared dishes. Even some of the simplest dishes come with a wallop of flavor.

Some of the exotic dishes include Falafel with little spice and a perfect blend of softness and crunch. Never miss the specialties such as chicken or beef kabobs that come with hot bread and Lebanese salad after being roasted on skewers. But bring cash, because that is the only form of payment they accept.

For quenching the thirst for information about the place, you must have a look at the following reviews from some highly satisfied customers...

Portland Restaurant Reviews / Raves Reviews About Nicholas Restaurant:

on 02/23/2009
from CitySearch

"The food is really good and fresh here...." See more of this review here.

on 03/23/2009
from Yelp,

“Bow down to the Nicholas, God of Lebanese food...” Click for more.

on 01/21/2009
from TripAdvisor

"Good and Cheap!" See this 5 star review by following this link.

Saburo's Sushi House
1667 SE Bybee Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

saburo's portland

Website: Saburo's Sushi House Restaurant

Cuisine: Sushi

Restaurant Special Features: Local Favorite

Special Features: Lunch Spot, Cheap Eats

If you remain one of those adventurous diners then exotic dishes such as creamy scallops or the broiled hamachi collar from Saburo's Sushi House, will definitely offer a highly satisfied experience to you.  Traditionalists can stick to dishes such as, tempura, deep-fried soft-shell crab or even the chicken teriyaki.

Portland Restaurant Reviews / Raves Reviews About Saburo's:

on 03/06/2009
from CitySearch,

"I love this place..." Click to see the full five star review.

on 03/17/2009
from Yelp

"...YUM!!!..." See more here.

le bistro montage portlandLe Bistro Montage
301 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR 97214

Website: Le Bistro Montage

Cuisine: Cajun & Creole

Restaurant Special Features: Lunch Spot

Things to Know: Happy Hour M-F/5-6

Le Bistro Montage would offer you a wide array of dishes inspired from Cajun. One of the most diverse menu-list awaits you with jambalaya, blackened catfish, Cajun chicken, frog legs, Cajun gator bites. The environment is just the ideal for a laid-back late night eating out.

Portland Restaurant Reviews / Raves Reviews About Le Bistro Montage:

on 03/28/2009
from Yelp!

"Oyster shooter: great, good sauce, Crawfish Hushpuppies: delicious..." Read more here plus others.

mother's portlandMother's Bistro & Bar
212 SW Stark St
Portland, OR 97204

Website: Mother's Bistro & Bar

Cuisine: Traditional American

Known For: Killer Breakfast

Atmosphere: Casual

Mother's is here to make you nostalgic, once again with dishes representing authentic cooking from mothers around various parts of the globe. Mother’s signature dishes have pot roast, meat loaf, chicken and dumplings as well as crab cakes.

Portland Restaurant Reviews / Raves Reviews About Mother's Bistro & Bar:

on 03/08/2009
from Yelp

"This is, hands down, my favorite place..." See the full 5 star review here.

on 02/08/2009
from TripAdvisor

"...The ham and gouda frittata is out of this world..." See more by following this link.

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