Product Public Relations
New Ways to Promote a Product

Product Public Relations

Can you use Public Relations to promote new products? Public relations is often used to support sales and marketing objectives. Although a lot of publicity is used to promote events, public relations is also quite useful in promoting products.  New products are especially benefitted by a public relations campaign before they are launched. When a new product is publicized before the actual launching, you can create demand because you can implant an anticipation of the product in your audience.

There are new theories in the public relations scene that even propose that public relations is now more effective than advertising. According to this theory advertising lacks credibility and is not as effective as public relations in brand building.

This theory proposes that advertising is generally seen as propaganda and as such is less credible than publicity through public relations because this is viewed as helpful and real especially when it is recognized that a third party has written the news items.

The audience’s receptiveness to any review of products or services is somewhat more open than when reading an advertisement which is usually suspected of not telling the whole story. Reviews are believed and seen to relate both the positive and negative aspects of the product or service.


Product Public Relations / Other Techniques

The biggest factor to product public relations is product differentiation. If a business cannot convey what it is that makes their product or their service different from the products of their competitors, sales can only suffer. It will also be difficult to find a newsworthy item upon which to attach their product or service to assure publication by the media.

Another tactic is preconditioning. This tactic prepares the audience for a coming product release to increase their anticipation for what this product can supposedly do. Preconditioning includes communicating and amplifying the need that your product can fill. The purpose of this technique of publicizing a product before it is available is to induce product awareness that focuses public and media attention.


Product Public Relations / The Role of Advertising

Even if advertising is seen as invasive and annoying it still effective and useful when used in conjunction with the publicity that public relations can produce. With advertising, the more exposure to it an audience is bombarded with, the more the audience resists the message.

When products are first released and are still new in the audience’s minds there is still a freshness that is associated with the product and therefore is seen as exciting. However, when brands mature and become older they are increasingly seen as similar to other brands and become boring. The brand eventually runs out of potential for publicity.

This is where advertising techniques can give freshness and a new lease on life for the brand. This is the place for advertising to remind the audience what made the brand unique and desirable in the first place. There is however, one aspect where advertising needs to be careful. Changing the personality that public relations has created for the brand needs to be carefully thought out before being tampered with.

Product Public Relations / In Conclusion

To conclude: public relations is the first step in promoting a product. The brand must first be built up in the public’s eye. A shift to media advertising will need to be instituted as the brand matures. This process can save large amounts of money for the marketer and will be more effective and long lasting.

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