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Public Relations Articles

When one considers a the public relations defintion, it can be assured that the relationship to the public is involved. We have collected articles to help you understand the public relations theory and how to implement your own public relations plan. We will even give you the public relations history so that you can fully understand it's relevance.

The use of press releases, news releases, or press statements is part of the publicity function of public relations which has a wider field than just media exposure. Public Relations Articles can involve a wide ranging field of subjects.

These can be about tips and steps in conducting effective public relations campaigns, much like a powerful viral marketing campaign. They can also be about formulating plans to be used in executing campaigns. There are also myriad articles about human interest stories that illustrate how various media savvy celebrities handle a hostile media.

            These are several resources for public relations articles:

All About Public Relations - there are several featured write-ups that give tips and techniques in the some aspects of public relations. This can be a useful site for informative and useful ideas.

Marketing Profs - this site is always has a few tidbits that can be of use to any beginning practitioner of public relations. Useful techniques and methods from small business owners can also be gleaned from this site.

Online PR /ViralPR.pdf - helpful information about viral marketing techniques with regard to public relations are in the pdf file that can be found in this site.

Evan Carmichael -the articles of several experienced public relations practitioners and authors can be read in this site. The years of experience between these knowledgeable authors can really provide insights for somebody trying to develop a public relations plan and a campaign.

Paul Graham -a humorous but very informative write-up that offers valuable insight into the inside workings of public relations outfits.

Clear View Publications -this site specializes in articles that offer useful and valuable tips for the small business public relations practitioner. There are plenty of resources for the small business owner wanting to work their own public relations.

Self Growth - much useful information in this site also with the added feature that members can post their own articles.

Ezine Articles – this site should always be included in any resource listing that is related to business and public relations.

Website Marketing Plan –the articles in this site offer nuggets of information that are always of use information wise but may even used in actual public relations campaigns.

Public Relation Articles -plenty of enlightening articles by knowledgeable authors for any individual interested in public relations.

Riverplate Inc. - for a series of Public Relations articles from the perspective of one of the most successful fulfillment and trucking companies in the US.

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