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What is a Public Relations Blog? A blog is a website that is maintained by an individual or a grouping of individuals with regularly updated entries that are commentaries of events or other subjects which are of interest to the keeper of the blog. Some blogs are more like online personal diaries while other are more subject oriented. Typical blogs contain mixed media like text, graphics, videos, audio files, and links to other websites. Popular blogs are a source of viral marketing.

The entries in a public relations blog are more topic and subject oriented with public relations as the topic of interest. The name public relations blog is used to describe blogs dealing with communications and public relations in the context of organizations. Some blogs are kept by professional consultants discussing the integration of weblogs into mainstream business practice.

Other Public relations blogs written by principals and employees of public relations companies are then classified as corporate public relations blogs. There is no universally accepted standard for what a public relations blog is. The classification of a blog is mostly determined by how its author and its readers want to classify it.

Here is a listing of some public relations blogs:

1. Wired Pr Works –Barbara Rozgonyi as the founder of CoreyWest Media is the conversation host in this blog. If you’re looking to increase search engine visibility, wider media attention, and more efficient customer communication this is a blog worth checking out. It is easy to get a response in this blog just leave a comment and this topic will be explored and discussed.

2. Flack's Revenge –this blog is written by author Bob Geller for professional practitioners and students of public relations. There are some useful and interesting posts about what’s happening the in the field of public relations. If you are serious about keeping track of what’s going on in your field, you won’t waste your time viewing and reading the posts in this blog.

3.The PR Guy –the author Jeff Majka is the Director of Marketing and Business for Strategic Communications Group. SCG is known nationally as one of the premier developers of integrated public relations and business development strategies for tech companies. Jeff  posts his thoughts about business to business and business to government communications regarding public relations. If your area of interest is somewhere in business to business public relations it would be a good idea to visit this blog occasionally or even often if the desire so hits you.

4. Practical Blogging – this is the personal blog of Robyn Tippins a public relations maven and online consultant, social networking analyst, and self confessed SEO addict. This blog professes to assist bloggers in increasing income through affiliate advertising, Adsense, and general blogging help. Miss Tippins has done some consulting work for small to large businesses in marketing, viral campaigns, and community management. This site is fun and sometimes tongue in cheek but useful information can be had by the serious student and by practitioners of public relations.

5. Communications Overtones –author Kami Huyse says he has dedicated his blog to finding and sharing the best strategies and tactics in communications and to connect with stakeholders and build relationships. Although this site is a public relations blog it still has a very human side to it.

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