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What are Public Relations Magazines?

There is some disagreement as to what exactly a magazine is.  Nevertheless magazines fill varied functions in society. Magazines also have a wide variety of people as its audience. What is the best way to tell the difference between a newspaper and a magazine?

With a newspaper the editor has the final say on what the audience gets and reads. The readership of a newspaper depends on where the newspaper is distributed which means that geography determines its audience and consequently there is a broad focus to its content. It is the editor who determines what the audience needs, wants, and desires. The content of the newspaper is then based upon this analysis.

On the other hand the audience of a magazine is determined by demographics and interests. When we say demographics this relates to certain characteristics of the individual in the audience. Some of these characteristics are race, gender, age, and educational level. The location of the audience of a magazine may be widely scattered but they are united by interest. These interests vary from outdoor sports to fashion and beauty.

Magazines generally fall into two broad categories. Consumer magazines are the common kind that you find in supermarket and newspaper stalls. They can be further categorized into various kinds depending on the subject and demographics of the target audience.

Here are some links where you can find public relations magazines:

PR Week / In the UK

PRSA / Public Relations Society of America

Platform Magazine

All About Public Relations

Business Wire

Institute for PR

IABC / International Association Of Business Communicators

Prof Net Post

PR News

PR Watch

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