Public Relations Plan
What Is Does Your PR Package Include?

Public Relations Plan / Why Do I Need One?

Public relations or PR as it is often called can be described as the set of methods and techniques used by organizations or individuals to administer the information flux between the entity and those who have an interest in or are potentially affected by that entity.

Effective public relations may be implemented by an internal PR department of the entity or by an external outfit. Whatever the implementing agency the entity would greatly benefit from devising a well thought out plan before it takes action.

Public Relations Plan / Who Benefits

The entity benefits even from the act of formulating the plan because the plan can help organize its thoughts and actions with regard to the best way of putting their message across. At the same time individuals and organizations belonging to the target audience and often even outside the target audience as well stand to benefit by receiving information about something that is of significance to them.

 An effective plan addresses the needs of the entity and its publics. The public relations theory includes the term “Publics” which refers to those who have an interest or stake in or can be affected by the entity and its future actions. Whether an entity chooses to implement its own public relations work or prefers an outside agency here are points to consider in formulating a public relations plan.

5 Basic Steps To Follow To Write An Effective Public Relations Plan

1. Decide on the substance of your message and to whom you are directing it to.
Much like a viral marketing campaign, all organizations have their own set of specific concerns. Each organization must first determine what concern they want to address. It may be something simple like mere media exposure or it may be something more complex like brand acceptance.

The implementing body needs to have a clear idea of what message is to be conveyed and to the precise target audience. It is essential that the message and the target be as specific as possible since this will determine the course of the entire campaign.

2. Measure with a reasonable accuracy the recent view of your audience toward your organization.
The importance of concrete data about how your organization is viewed by its publics is paramount to finding the direction towards which you will go. Review the success rate of new business and learn about your competition.

You will not know where to go if you do not know where you are. Assumptions should not just be made about how your customers, partners, and stakeholders view your firm. It is absolutely necessary to have an idea of what they think. From here, your public relations plan will have a place to grow.

3. Make financial arrangements.
Even if an effective public relations plan can be inexpensive or sometimes even at no expense you must expect to incur some expense for your program. A budget will have a significant result on the resources that you can bring to bear to support your public relations plan.

This budget should include all the individuals and groups in your organization with an interest in the success of your public relations plan. There are many sources for money for starting a business. Find them and put them to good use.

4. Determine the method by which you convey your message.
The nature of your message will be a big factor in selecting the how you get the word out. Other factors will be how extensive your area of coverage is. Another will be the size of your budget. Maybe there will have to be political considerations or the degree of interest about your message.

5. Establish a program of work.
All well crafted plans must include a timeline by which your plan can be measured. An essential element is to allocate specific tasks to specific people for a specific time. Sharpen your delegation skills. When you know how to delegate your plan will run more smoothly.

This will result in accountability. However, once the plan is launched and is in the process of execution adjustments will have to be made to the schedules and timelines. These adjustments have to be made on an ongoing basis. This is the part of the plan where there will need to be some flexibility.

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