Public Relations Proposal
9 Steps to an Excellent Plan

How do you write an excellent Public Relations Proposal? A proposal for public relations is a written letter from an organization or an individual engaged in providing public relations services, to a prospective client describing what they plan to do in a public relations campaign.

There are as many different ways to write a proposal as there are agencies and consultants but there are a few basic ideas that should be included into any public relations proposal.

The majority of agencies and consultants welcome the chance to be asked to submit a proposal because this is obviously a chance to be considered for a gratifying and rewarding contract. An invitation to submit a proposal is an opportunity to build a relationship with a client.

Public Relations Proposal / Take the Time to Do it Right

For other agencies and consultants the writing of a proposal is an unpleasant but essential part of selling their services because a well written and well thought out public relations proposal can clinch the contract for the agency whereas a poorly written one can lose you the contract in spite of having followed and executed all the other steps in the sales process without a flaw.

The results from a poorly written public relations proposal can be disastrous on the part of your agency because the effort and resources consumed in constructing the proposal can all be wasted. There are some things that you have to consider when writing a public relations proposal so that the disappointment of a rejection can be minimized.

What points do I have to consider when writing a killer Public Relations Proposal?

These are the points that you have to keep in mind when writing a proposal:

1. Be concise.
Start by writing a short and concise but authoritative executive summary. A great proposal needs requires adequate preparation.

2. Be result oriented.
Clients and customers are interested in methods only if they produce results. A proposal calls for a clear vision.

3. Choose quality over quantity.
The length of your proposal does not matter it is the quality of your work that will clinch the issue. The project will not be awarded solely on the length of your proposal.

4. Express your creativity.
If you have a creative idea about the client’s problem don’t be shy about sharing it. Sharing your innovative ideas will show the client that you can think out of the box and you can use this ability to solve their problems. A proposal really works when it comes from a higher place. Taking risks is the only way to reach this higher level.

5. Propose solutions to problems.
The proposal should deal with the problems and the solutions to the problems of the clients rather than be about the qualifications and work experience of the agency.

6. Be original.
Generate new solutions for the problems of your current client. Do not just recycle old methods and solutions that worked for previous clients. New innovative solutions will show the client the idea that you are creative and innovative.

7. Be thorough.
Verify all data and double check to make sure that the accuracy of whatever you are writing is spot on before your presentation to the client. Making sure you proposal can hold up to scrutiny is crucial.

8. Check your sources.
Monitor all major and minor details of the proposal. The materials you use for the proposal should be of uniformly high quality. Submit the public relations proposal to the right people at the right time.

9. Update your resume.
Review and rewrite your resume for each new proposal. An old resume will never do. Emphasize the skills that show your credentials.

After you have finished writing your proposal keep it for one day after which you review it with a new and fresh point of view.


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