Recession Proof Jobs
How Do I Get One of Those?

Recession Proof Jobs / Are We In Recession?

Economists are in disagreement about whether we are in recession or not but the fact remains that money is tight and a lot of people are losing their jobs. Whatever word economists use to categorize what we are feeling today financially it doesn’t make looking for a job any easier. There may even be a problem about keeping your current job.

Whether we are in recession or not, we cannot afford to be complacent about our financial situation. We should try to know everything we can whether the job we have right now will keep us sustained during hard times or will we be laid off at any moment.

The facts of the situation are that times are hard and are getting harder by the day. Prices are skyrocketing. The costs of essentials are multiplying and while unemployment and job loss figures continually increase to levels that have not been seen in 16 years. We must address the situation and be prepared for it before we are forced to face it unprepared.

What Kind Jobs Should I Focus On When Job Hunting?

There are careers which have been known to be vulnerable to the storms of recessions. One of the most vulnerable jobs in the US is in the automobile industry. Another category of jobs are those in the housing sector. Financial institutions are also showing weakness.

So what kinds of jobs can I rely on? Health care is always a viable option. People will always get sick recession or not. Some blue collar careers are also consistent earners in hard times. Home maintenance workers like plumbers, carpenters, and electricians can still expect to make reasonable earnings during recessions because breakdowns in the house don’t wait for boom times.

Here Is Our List For The Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs.

Recession Proof Jobs / Health Care Services
the falling economy is not affecting health care services. In fact jobs in the health care industry are increasing. These health care workers are lucrative and in demand. The reason for this is because people get sick irregardless of recession. These jobs are not only for doctors but for all allied health services like nursing, nursing assistants, and even physical therapists.

Recession Proof Jobs / Education
in these job market teachers can always get jobs even if they are not highly appreciated .Enrollment is on the increase and older teachers are reaching retirement age. Education specialists with advanced degrees are also very sought after because of the rising population if college students. The demand for teacher’s aides proficient in two or more languages and training in handling handicapped children is also on the rise.

Recession Proof Jobs / Accountants
Any business or industry that makes or handles money needs an accountant. With the complexity of filing income tax returns people will need accountants to prepare these forms for them. The cost of hiring an accountant is easily offset by the tax breaks and saving that they generate.

Recession Proof Jobs / Police Officer
Criminals do not lessen their activities during recessions they may even increase their nefarious doings. Serving the public by being a law enforcement officer may well ensure public safety and will provide steady and reliable income.

Recession Proof Jobs / Politician
Although we call them public servants and they insist that they are not in politics for the money, they still make a good salary and let’s face it when was the last time you heard of a politician being laid off because of a recession.

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