Reno Restaurant Reviews
Dining in the The Biggest Little City in the World

Reno Restaurant Reviews

reno nevada
A gambling and resort town of Nevada, Reno is located in the western part of the state near the California border. With its own brand of subdued glitz Reno offers attractions and amenities that its glitzier counter-part, Las Vegas, overlooks. There are first-rate hotels, golf courses and casinos to rival its southern counterpart. Also like Las Vegas, Reno has become a popular destination for families. Galena Creek Park offers nature trails that even young children can navigate, plus organized educational events for the adults.

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4th st bistro 14th Street Bistro
3065 W. 4th St.
Reno, Nevada 89523

Website: 4th Street Bistro

Cuisine: French, Contemporary


4th st bistro 2

Reno Restaurant Reviews /
Read these Rave Reviews About the 4th Street Bistro...

on 03/15/2009
from Trip Advisor

"...excellent food, excellent service, very friendly staff..." Click here for more.

on 01/28/2009
from Zagat
There are no direct links to a specific Zagat review. Simply follow the, input Reno and then input the restaurant name, "4th Street Bistro." From that page click on "4th Street Bistro," and you will be taken to the following review:

"...Food quality, prep and presentation..." Click here to read the full review.

on 3/3/2009
from Yelp!

" acute attention to excellent food without any pretension..." Click here for more.

on 10/10/2006
from CitySearch

"...The food was very good..." Click here for more.

sezmu restaurant

Sezmu Restaurant
670 Mount Rose Street
Reno, NV 89509

Website: Sezmu

Cuisines: Exotic, Seafood

What to look for: Menu changes frequently

Reno Restaurant Reviews / Read these Rave Reviews About Sezmu...

on 03/17/2009
from Yelp!

"...overall result was YUM..." Click here for the full review.

on 01/20/2009
from TripAdvisor

"Curious, Clever and Delicious” Click here for more.

on 10/05/2008
from Zagat
There are no direct links to a specific Zagat review. Simply follow the, input Reno and then input the restaurant name, "Sezmu." From that page click on "Sezmu, " and you will be taken to the following review:

"...Quail and squab entrees are not to be missed..." Click here for more.


lulus renoLulou's Restaurant
1470 S Virginia St, Reno
NV 89502-2806
(775) 329-9979

Cuisine: American Comtemporary, Italian

Ambiance: Casual-Romantic

Favorite Side Dish: Mac n Cheese w/Truffles

Reno Restaurant Reviews / Rave Reviews About Lulou's Restaurant ...

from TripAdvisor

"...A real gem, inventive food..." Click for more.

on 02/21/2009
from Yelp!

"Ultra upscale restaurant with outstanding food and wine..." Click here for more.

on 11/02/2008
from CitySearch

"The best side dishes in town!!!..." Click here for more.

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