Restaurant Marketing Ideas
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Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Advertising and marketing are terms that are often used interchangeably. The difference between them is that marketing is a long term plan to increase sales and promote business. On the other hand, advertising is shorter term and is merely one of the aspects involved in marketing strategy. Awareness of this difference can keep you on the on the straight and narrow path to success and future expansion.

In creating a customized marketing solution or a viral marketing campaign you must be conscious of every aspect of the industry. You must decide in advance how you will approach each facet. A good Restaurant marketing idea should consider five main elements in developing a strategy. Your strategy should be a plan of attack that is comprehensive in nature and will take into account the different aspects involved in the restaurant and food preparation industry.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas / Be Specific

A strategy should identify specific objectives. What result do you want to get from a specific activity? The objectives can be anything from bringing in an additional 15 customers a day or increasing sales by 15 percent. When the objectives have been established then a definite time frame for these objectives needs to be set up.

This time frame is becomes necessary so that your objectives can be evaluated clearly. The absence of a clear time frame or even a fuzzy time frame can lead to inefficient use of resources which in the end means wasted money.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas / Keep Regulars Coming Back

An effective strategy would be spending the bulk of your money on keeping old customers happy. Happy customers are retained customers. Only a minimal amount of money is spent on advertising to attract new customers. The biggest part of your marketing budget could be expended on things like frequent customer discounts, or gimmicks like slow night discounts for old customers.

Keeping records of your old customers may contribute to the comfort factor of the customer. When you remember birthdays, anniversaries, favorite orders or favorite drinks the customer will feel exceedingly comfortable and at home in you restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas / Other Bright Ideas

Various contest and raffles for your old customers can be held with a party as the prize. This will not only bring this patron back but bring in more people who you can impress with the excellence of your food and personalized service.

Other more conventional methods are available to you as a restaurateur. When you have the clearest most visible sign around people tend to notice your establishment. Having a large classy sign will enhance the appearance of your place.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas / Display Your Positive Reviews

Reviews by food experts and other rating bodies will greatly add to your reputation as an excellent place to have a good dinner. Reviews like this are most effective when word of mouth spreads news of it.

Old customers and new patrons will be greatly satisfied about their choice of where to have a good time when they walk into your establishment and see the reviews in beautiful and artistically designed plaques which will be located in a strategic location.

To find out more how you can have a professional plaque with your review displayed vist in the Spotlight.

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