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Restaurant promotions are marketing strategies which are more of an art and science that is still shrouded in mystery for many food establishment owners. A good marketing strategy is essential to increase revenues. If it's good it will become viral. And when it's good and viral that's good for business. It is therefore important to note the key components of positive promotions for a restaurant, proper marketing budget, and news trends in marketing.

Promotions for Restaurants / How much should be spent on marketing?

Many marketing analysts and experts recommend that a good 3%-6% of the restaurant’s sale should be allotted for marketing strategies. Another key note to consider when doing restaurant promotions is to allocate money proportionally to sales volume.

If a certain month brings in more money, a bigger portion of the marketing fund should be allotted for that season of the year. A good tactic in restaurant promotions is to market well when the time is very conducive for attracting customers. When your customized marketing solution has taken into account these points, it's expectancy of success is very high.

Spending a big chunk of marketing fund on slower months is not recommended because of the customer’s dining behaviour. Any advertising techniques during these periods would do little to alter customer’s behaviour. The key point here is to spend more on advertising when it will have the best return for your money.

Restaurant promotions / What are some good tactics?

Increases in sales can be achieved through simple restaurant promotions. There are thousands of ways to drive revenues both for restaurants with big budgets and shoestring marketers alike. Here are some tactics that could help:

  • Branding – good restaurant branding is more than a restaurant’s logo. It involves having a clear cut definition of what a restaurant promises to deliver. To further strengthen a restaurant’s brand, good execution should come with it.

  • Menu - the menu list should be analyzed every now and then. To ensure patronage from customers, new items on the menu should target their liking.

  • Publicity stunts – a mere press release of an updated menu could actually result in a small write-up. But to attract more attention, something out of the ordinary like chef showdowns, unique contest, and other major events could be organized.

  • Rebound certificates– giving out certificates containing special offers or incentives that could only be used on specific times (usually off-peak hours)may increase traffic during slow times of the day.

  • Sampling – having a first-hand taste of restaurant’s signature foods is way better than advertising. Public events that draw target customers are good places to offer free food sampling. To ensure great feedback, pick restaurant bestsellers as samples.

Promotions for Restaurants / What are the new trends?

A big plus on restaurant promotions is customer feedback and reviews. Any business that has been in business for a few years know the importance of customers and great customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

For many years, good restaurants have established their name through customers’ reviews. More often than not, these feedbacks are spread through word of mouth. But with the dawn of information technology and the internet, there had been many ways to make these reviews known.

This site for example has features that allow restaurant patrons and customers to voice their reviews on their favourite restaurants. This is a good way of making known the good food and service of a particular food establishment.

Effective restaurant promotions are best achieved through fresh and innovative marketing techniques that are executed right inside the restaurant and among its existing customer base. To raise marketing response up a notch, a new and alternative way to make customer’s reviews be known is through personalized plaques.

Promotions for Restaurants / Check Out InThe is one site that offers this service. Personalized customer reviews, achievements, or awards could be placed in beautiful plaques. These plaques could be displayed on strategic locations of the restaurant. The main goal of these plaques is to establish the restaurant’s reputation and subsequently increase sales.

Generating effective restaurant promotions is not easy. It takes a lot of time, careful research, analysis, and money. Marketing techniques constantly changes which makes it even more difficult to master. Luckily, there are hundreds and thousands of marketing strategies available for restaurant owners to employ.

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