Seattle Restaurant Reviews
Best Places to Eat in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Restaurant Reviews

seattleSeattle is a happening spot. If you are looking for great restaurants, alternative entertainment, strong coffee and stormy sky skies - look no further.

These city folks are also healthy. There are more bicyclists than any other American city. Go Green!

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jaks grill seattleJak's Grill
4548 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Website: Jak's Grill

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Attire: Casual

Atmosphere: Casual/Cozy

Serving mouth watering dry aged prime grade beef from Nebraska, Jak’s is one of the premier steakhouses in the Seattle area. Although price is a bit on the high medium range you can get good “bang for the buck” here. This place is really great for dinner even if they don’t take reservations.  This is not a great place to take your kids to but
they can accommodate sizeable groups with their food service and the full bar.

This Zagat rated establishment says that it is all about the beef that seared to perfection and served by a staff that both fast and pleasant. The rooms are lively with happy conversation. The quality of the food is remarkable and can compete with the big names.

Seattle Restaurant Reviews / See Rave Reviews about about Jak's...

on 03/28/2009
from CitySearch

"...The appetizers and sides were also AMAZING..." See more here.

on 03/17/2009
from Yelp!

"Love it! JaK's is my favorite..." Click for more.

bluefin seattleBluefin Sushi and Seafood Buffet
Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 367-0115

Website: Bluefin Sushi and Seafood Buffet

Cuisine: Sushi, Asian Fusion

Attire: Casual

Things to Know : Come Hungry

Bluefin Sushi and Seafood Buffet selects only the freshest ingredients for a mouth watering selection served in a fine dining atmosphere with reasonable and affordable prices. Besides sushi, the selections of Japanese inspired dishes include tempura, noodles, salads, and dessert. This buffet is all you can eat but the quality and variety of the food is remarkable. You can go wrong with the Bluefin if you want a taste Japanese culture and even Korean barbecue. There is of course a variety of local seafood from crab to salmon.

Seattle Restaurant Reviews / See Rave Reviews about about Bluefin...

on 03/05/2009
from CitySearch

" fin blew me away..." See more here.

on 02/01/2009
from Yelp!

"Buffet is awesome!..." See the full 5 star review here.

il terrazzo carmine seattleIl Terrazzo Carmine
411 First Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

Website: Il Terrazzo Carmine

Cuisine: Classic Italian

Attire: Dressy

Take the Carpaccio Di Bue or the Spaghettini Dell 'Ortolano or the Suprema Di Pollo Farcita each of these manifests the principle of Carmine Smeraldo that he and his restaurant has lived by for over 24 years of successfully serving Seattle. The cuisine of Il Terrazzo has been acclaimed both by the media and by a loyal, sophisticated clientele. If the weather is right you can enjoy outdoor seating.

In Il Terrazzo Carmine excellence is a way of life. From the tablecloths to the overall ambiance of the place Carmine always makes you feel that he never skimps. Il Terrrazzo is arguably the best Italian restaurant in Seattle with an atmosphere that reminds you of home.

Seattle Restaurant Reviews / See Rave Reviews about about Il Terrazzo Carmine...

on 02/11/2009
from Yelp!

"...very memorable...the food, the service, the wine..." See the rest, plus more raves.

Maneki Japanese Restaurant
304 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 622-2631

maneki seattleWebsite: Maneki Japanese Restaurant

Cuisine: Japanese

Attire: Casual

Neighborhood: South Seattle

Maneki Japanese Restaurant first opened its doors in 1904 at their original location at the hill on 6th Ave. S and Main St. in the heart of Japantown. The white building that it was housed in looked just like a Japanese castle. It was the venue for plays, weddings, and funerals. During weekends they served over five hundred customers in private tatami rooms. This building was ransacked and became a ruin when World War II broke out.

The present Maneki restaurant has been in operation for over a hundred years. It is now located at International District between Jackson St. and Jefferson St. Serving arguably the most authentic Japanese food in Seattle.

Seattle Restaurant Reviews / See Rave Reviews about about Maneki Japanese Restaurant...

on 10/23/2008
from CitySearch

"...Warm, friendly staff greet you as you arrive..." Click for more.

on 07/26/2008
from TripAdvisor

"My favorite seattle sushi spot, hands down..." More here.

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