Top 10 Social Networking Sites
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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Social networking websites are online communities where users can interact with one another. Members can easily connect with their old friends and meet new ones.  There are a lot of features a social networking site may offer. These kinds of websites are popular nowadays and there are a lot of people who join everyday. There are several popular social networking websites available.

The social networking sites on this page are for the younger generation - Gen Y. If you are a baby boomer you will probably want to go to the baby boomer top 10 social networking sites list on the What is Social Networking page.

Social Networking Websites are not only a great place to make connections that are vital these days to expand your customer/client base. Whether you have a brick and mortar establishment or an online store or both, These networking sites will offer you the opportunity to build trust and relationships so that you can grow your business.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites / Expanding your viral marketing campaign

By providing this list of top 10 social networking sites we are providing you a directory to expand upon your viral marketing campaign. If you are unfamiliar with internet viral marketing, you need to learn about this invaluable way of spreading the word about your business. Read the Definition of Viral Marketing to learn more.

There is another top 10 social networking sites well suited for the business owner. This list is also available on this site. See the What is Social Networking page for this list. Our purpose was to provide you with the best of the best and give you the opportunity to find the best fit for you. Each networking site provides a different environment.

Here is the Gen Y top ten social networking sites list:

MySpace has more than 100 million members worldwide. It is considered as the biggest and the best social networking website today. With its popularity, registered users do not only include teenagers but older people as well.  MySpace allows you to connect to other users by discussing different areas of interest such as music, books, movies and more. It also allows you to watch thousands of videos being uploaded everyday. There are plenty of good features offered by MySpace which attracts more and more members everyday.

2. Facebook
Facebook is another popular social networking site which is a top contender of MySpace. Facebook had launched thousands of applications to attract more members. One of the good things about Facebook is its built-in privacy control and you can upload unlimited number of photos even with the use of your cellphone.

3. Bebo
Bebo is popular among the people in UK and Ireland.  There and many personalization options in Bebo and this site is preferred by college students. Bebo has fewer advertisements compared to its competitors. There are many business men who use Bebo as a venue to advertise their products and/or services.

Friendster is one of the most popular social networking websites in Asia. It provides plenty of networking features like forums and groups. Friendster allows members to track people who viewed their profile. You can also start your own blog with Friendster and you can easily search for friends by their name, college and more with their friend search options. With over 95 million profiles, you can easily connect with your friends through this site. Friendster is available in several languages.

5. Hi5
Hi5 allows you to add videos and music to your profile which you can also share with others. You can organize your friends in the site into friend folders which is a great feature that allows you to separate your family members from your acquaintances or friends. You can also see other members who have viewed your profile in the last 30 days.

6. Orkut
Orkut is popular in India and Brazil. A Gmail account is needed to register for an Orkut account. Orkut includes an interesting “ask a friend” feature which allows you to ask your friends a question and get replies from them. Orkut’s privacy options allow you to specify the certain portions of your profile which you want others to see.

7. Xanga
Xanga allows users to create their own online journal. It is best for users who want to connect to their friends and keep their online journal at the same time. Xanga focuses on giving the public a venue to post their articles or blogs, music, videos and photos which they can share with other members.

8. Yahoo! 360
To be a member of Yahoo! 360, you must be at least 18 years old and must have a Yahoo! account.  Yahoo! 360 offers various social networking features like customized profiles, blogs, friend connections, photos and others. Flickr hosts all the photos you post on your Yahoo! 360 page.

Zorpia has a large international community. Zorpia has a music section which showcases various famous artists while the video section consists of videos uploaded by members. It has a number of security features that allow members to manage the privacy of their profiles.

10. Netlog
Netlog is a European social networking site having more than 35 million users. Netlog has the same features as a classic social networking site such as blogs and videos. You can freely download Netlog 24 toolbar which alerts you when you have a message or new friend request even if you are not logged in to the website.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites / Closing Tips

Use these top 10 social networking sites lists to help you reach out to others. Speak with your unique voice, and you will attract customers for life. Viral marketing is has been around since people could speak...and spread the word through a lively conversation.

But internet viral marketing and the use of internet viral marketing products has revolutionized the way people communicate and learn. Don't miss out all the millions of people who you can reach. Participate and profit.

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