What is Customer Service
What You Need to Know


What is Customer Service / Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is sometimes defined as the after sale activities that a company provides to its customers. Today however customer service means more than just the action that a company takes when a customer encounters any problems with the product or service that you have just sold.

All activities which increase and enhance customer satisfaction are now part of what we call customer service. To fully comprehend the scope of activities which should be undertaken the phrase customer service should encompass whatever is necessary to exceed the expectation of the customer all the time and every time.

This means that if the purpose of customer services is to exceed the expectations of your customers then the scope of activities must then be widened to include all the features of your business because every aspect potentially can have an effect on customer relationship.


What is Customer Service / How Important Is It

How important to your business is your bottom line? Customer service can directly affect your bottom line. That’s how important it is. Good customer service can spell the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Your business can have an excellent promotion campaign resulting in any number of new customers but if these customers feel disappointed and regret spending their money in your establishment you will never see them again.

What is Customer Service / Word of Mouth

Happy customers are retained customers, especially when they are satisfied enough to give your place of business a hearty word of mouth endorsement to their friends who will then tell their friends. Word of mouth ( see definition of viral marketing ) is really the best kind of promotion that you can get because it is exceedingly credible to listeners because it is a firsthand account.

The people who heard good things about you may then try and patronize your business and will themselves be happy and satisfied customers who will be back and tell their own accounts of your customer service.

What is Customer Service / Keep Them Happy...Keep Them Coming Back

A viral marketing campaign to bring in new customers is always more expensive than keeping old ones happy and as a result retaining these valued patrons. Furthermore when you lose a customer you lose business and a dissatisfied and frustrated customer can do untold harm to the good reputation you have been building.


What is Customer Service / Keep It Real

Good customer service can’t be faked. You have to develop a person to person relationship with your customers this is especially true of small businesses. There are several things that you can do to reassure customers that you have their satisfaction and best interest in mind.

Your business should be geared towards building a lasting relationship with your customers. This relationship can result to having a lifetime customer. Regular customers are the lifeblood of your business.

Your personnel should be inculcated that they value the patrons as much as you yourself. This education should be continuing. The concern that your staff should have for your customers should be as much as your concern for these valued customers.

What is Customer Service / Feedback

Feedback from your patrons is essential in delivering good customer service. Positive and negative feedback will help you evaluate what aspects of your business need to be improved and what you can showcase.

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