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What is Flickr / An Alternative Marketing Avenue

With the emergence of different sharing applications in the web, business owners and marketers found a new element for a powerful viral marketing campaign. One of those applications is Flickr.  What is Flickr exactly? Flickr is a social image sharing website which is owned by Yahoo!

It allows users to view, share, and upload pictures. In addition to its popularity as an image sharing site, it is also used by many as an image repository or back up for their files. Flickr's success is proof that people love looking at beautiful and interesting photos. The senses are stimulated and creativity has a new way to be expressed. And, so social networking continues to grow and expand.

What is Flickr / How it works

What is Flickr and how does it work? Just like other photo sharing sites, Flickr serves as an image host. However, its main attraction lies in its social sharing feature with a very large community of users. To be able to set up a Flickr account, a Yahoo! ID is needed. Registering is absolutely free. Registered users may then begin uploading images through a simple upload system. Members join in various Flickr groups. Image sharing of photos to groups serves as the main vehicle for exposure.

Flickr has now created a solid and wide user base. According to comScore, it was the 7th most trafficked social networking/media site in 2006. It has even gained more popularity and patronage as of the moment.

What is Flickr / Why Use it to Market

What is Flickr and why use it to market? According to HitWise, Flickr currently holds the number two spot on photography websites in various countries including the U.S., U.K., and Australia. This means a good global presence thus creating greater responses in marketing. Flickr is also a good choice of marketing tool because it can serve as a communication and feedback channel between providers and customers.

Another main reason to employ Flickr as a marketing tool is because of its recent integration with Yahoo! Image Search. This means that Flickr images will be displayed when specific topics are searched using Yahoo! Image Search.

Flickr images are also listed in Google search results and various websites and blogs. All of these links direct visitors to individual photo pages. When these pages are viewed, there is always the possibility of having visitors view the specific business sites or at the least, have an idea of the business or brand.

What is Flickr / Uses as a Marketing Tool

What is Flick and its uses as a marketing tool? There are several possible uses of Flickr in the marketing field. Flickr could be used:

  • To upload a product design for review or further recommendations

  • To upload meeting or conference photos

  • To expand brand awareness

  • As a communication base for customers and patrons

What is Flickr / How to Market

What is Flickr and how does one use it to market? Before planning to use Flickr to advertise, it is a must to note that posting an image for the sole purpose of promoting a certain company or brand is prohibited. So what then are the ways to indirectly create business exposure and generate site traffic? Below are some ways on how to do this:

  • Use website addresses and company logos as Flickr screen names and icons respectively

  • Use Flickr profiles to describe businesses and products as discreetly as possible

  • Upload photos of products or services and other things related to business

  • Write appropriate captions and description for every image

  • Join and share photos with appropriate groups that may serve as target population

  • Add links from business websites to Flickr photos

  • Partake in the Flickr community by commenting on other member’s photos or participating in discussions

The greater the activity, the more times the screen name will be shown. Also, one good tactic is adding a highly viewed image to one’s profile in order to drive traffic to one’s Flickr account and subsequently to the business’s site.

What is Flickr / Internet Viral Marketing

Flickr works great for businesses which involves visual elements in their products and services. When used properly, Flickr can be an effective medium for internet viral marketing. Being an active and responsible member and not employing hard-sell tactics will surely do great for this marketing technique.

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