What is Public Relations
And How Does it Work?

What Is Public Relations?

The art and science of managing the channels and the flow of information between an organization or an individual and their audience or their publics for the purpose of better understanding and favorable public opinion is called public relations.

Public relations involves a specific set of management, supervisory, and technical functions that promote the capability of the organization to communicate effectively and strategically and respond efficiently to those individuals and groups of individuals who have an interest in or who are affected by the organization and its policies whose relationships are essential to the organization for the achievement of their aims and objectives.

What Is Public Relations / Improving Image

Any organization that requires a positive public image to function effectively and efficiently needs to employ some form of public relations. The exposure and publicity that is gained by public relations is advantageous as compared to advertising or traditional marketing because public relations has a credibility that advertising does not. This credibility comes from the fact that revelation and exposure comes from third party outlets that have the trust and the confidence of the general public.

What Is Public Relations / Business Applications

In business applications public relations has the job of making the company more attractive and interesting to the public and to the media. Public relations presents a company or an individual in the best possible light. In a broad sense another function of public relations is to give the general public and the media an insight into the workings and motives of the company.

Feedback about the opinion of the public with regard to your company is absolutely essential. The company must be aware of how it stands in the public view so that it can respond appropriately. You must know where you are to know where you are going. There are many methods for obtaining feedback. These can be done through surveys and opinion polls. These kinds of research will determine the areas that the public is satisfied with and the areas which need improvement.

What Is Public Relations / Cost Effective

A lot of people think that public relations just equates to publicity but this is just one aspect of the whole picture of public relations. There is also the misconception that public relations needs a big costly firm to plan and execute campaigns that require huge budgets.

While these ideas may be true to some extent and public relations will always rely to a large extent on publicity it also includes public speaking, community participation, commentaries by media, cultivating relationships and building rapport reporters in your general area of operations, and an important aspect also especially for the small business owner, the building of a reputation as a fair and honest citizen.

What Is Public Relations / Reaching Your Own Community

These are the aspects of public relations that can be particularly effective at a local level and therefore effective for the small business that usually operates at a local level. Individuals that make a living at this community level have other opportunities and audiences that may be difficult to reach in larger scale campaigns.

The cost of these community level public relations campaigns are mostly only the time and thought that the business owner expends in implementing these techniques. These tactics can be adopted easily by small business owners they need only put some effort and thought into developing a clear and specific plan that will also take into account the available resources and assets that he can tap.

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