What is Success
A Question For the Business Owner

What is Success? Most everyone works towards some kind of success. But how do you define it? For those who do work toward success, this means that they have a concrete idea of what success is for them.

success If an individual’s vision of success is building one’s dream house or owning one’s dream car, no one has the right to say that what is success is an entirely different thing.

If a person’s picture of success is being able to reach a certain point in one’s career and earning the salary that he aims for, nobody has the right to say that what is success does not include one’s paycheck as a factor. If you look at success stories of entrepreneurs you may uncover a deeper appreciation of success. Characteristics of an entrepreneur who has built a business from top to bottom will reveal the meaning of success for this special brand of business person.

But wait - What is Happiness...and What is Optimism, and how do they fit in?

We would like to propose two more questions while we are at it: What is happiness and what is opitimism? What makes one happy and what enables one to feel accomplished and able to share his accomplishment to others is his own valid measure of success. Optimism means that you have confidence that you will reach your goal, but you are also enjoying the journey of getting there.

In short, success depends on one’s goals. These goals, after all, will help the person strive for success and know that he has arrived at his destination. To really "get" the definition of an entrepreneur who has put his skin in the game, and came out on top helps to flesh out the aswer to "what is success?'

Success for the Business Owner

It’s easy to assume what a business owner’s success markers are – increased sales every year and a bigger market share than one’s competitors. While these are both great, a business owner can look into other goals, such as what we will briefly discuss below. These are means to accomplishing the sales and market share goals while being intermediate goals themselves.

Capable and dependable staff / Why is customer service important?

It is easy to find people who will work for your business but it is no walk in the park to find individuals who truly understand the answer to the question, "Why is customer service important?" . What is success can also come from having the best, most suitable, and most effective people as your workers – people who will strive to provide service of excellent quality to your customers so that the latter will keep coming back.

Imagine owning a restaurant with one or a couple of waiters who talk rudely and do not respond quickly to customers. Your goals of continuously increasing sales and market share are not going to be anywhere in the near future if you have people such as above.

If you have people who will treat your product as the best and your customers as the most important, you are going to be on your path to success. Managers and owners who keep in tune with their staff and really customer service tips to their troops will notice more of a return on their investment. It is because highly capable staff leave a lasting impression on a customer and identify your business with what quality of service he has shown.

Innovative methods / What is marketing and how are you implementing

Do you have a firm grasp on the definition for marketing
? A growing business is not one who sticks to methods that are tried and tested. To constantly develop and evolve, a business has to keep on improving and thinking of ways to make the business even better.

Have you ever tried viral email marketing, or other customized marketing solutions? Do you keep abreast of the latest advertising techniques? Do you know how other successful companies have big wins, and do you see the value in looking at a company's plan - like Starbucks marketing strategy?

Are there new promos that can attract new customers? Are there new marketing tie-ups that will result to more exposure? Are there existing resources that can be maximized to improve profit? What is success also comes from riding the wave. What we mean is that no matter how tough it can be economy-wise, successful businesses do not merely survive, but even thrive with the use of innovative promotions and marketing. Being creative and innovative can take one closer to success.

A trusted brand
Brand building is not reserved for the multinational companies. A trusted brand can also be for small to medium businesses. One of the determining factors of what is success is by becoming the brand or company of choice for your existing and professional contacts.

If you own a small restaurant and more and more new faces come in (which will in turn reappear in your premises), you know that your brand is getting stronger. Building and protecting your brand is no joke. Though branding is connected to advertising, a business’ brand comes from a consistent or constantly improving quality of service.By delivering quality service, people will begin to trust your business and keep depending on it for some of their relevant needs. What is success for businesses is being in the mind of one’s customers so that when they’re about to make their next purchase or buy their next meal, they will think of and go to your business first.

As business people ourselves, we at VoteforUs.com also aim to be better and bigger – meaning having more people who trust us and prefer us over any competition. We seek to make your business a truly successful one according to your own terms and conditions.

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