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zagat is the online version of Zagat. This world-class company allows people to share their opinion by rating, reviewing, and casting their votes for various establishments to eat, drink, stay and play. The Zagat Restaurant Guide features a compilation of consumer-based reviews on thousands of places all over the world that gives people the information they need to make better decisions about places to visit.

Zagat Restaurant Guides offer a lot of important information about rated and reviewed establishments, such as the menu, a map, driving directions and the nearest subway to the place, and a link for making a reservation. Photos or videos of the place can also be viewed if available. Other information includes the dress code, opening and closing hours and meals served.

How Does Zagat Work?

Zagat Survey gathers and generates its trademark ratings and reviews on the opinions of individuals who personally experienced what a certain place has to offer. Zagat allows patrons from all over the world to register for free or for a fee (to get access to special features and inside information), and vote. Patrons can also review an establishment they have been to in hundreds of places all over the world.

Zagat Survey calculates all votes, and rates each place accordingly. It bases its ratings on a 30-point scale that includes different qualities per category (Restaurants, Nightlife, Hotels, Attractions) such as Food, Décor, Service and Cost for restaurants and Rooms, Service, Dining and Public Facilities for hotels. also offers quick polls, featured surveys and a discussion board for members who would like to share more about their experiences. A copy of the Zagat Restaurant Guide can be read in book form, viewed online, on PDAs and mobile phones, allowing easier access for everyone who uses it.

The Edge: Being Part of the Zagat Restaurant Guide

Thousands of people use Zagat Survey to rate and review a particular place they have recently visited, and use Zagat Restaurant Guides to help them choose where to go next. Most individuals are more apt to consider the opinions of others, and since a Zagat Restaurant Guide is a compilation of other people’s opinions, this is an excellent way of building the reputation of a business establishment in the restaurant, hotel and other tourist attraction categories.

Zagat Restaurant Guides offers ratings and reviews on places in the United States and internationally. A wider horizon allows even businesses outside the country to benefit from the Zagat trademark, and it also gives important information for customers who want to explore places in other parts of the world. With it's world wide reach, is more likely to attract more customers to rate and review, as well as more customers to subscribe to the Zagat Restaurant Guide.

Zagat’s versatility in providing copies in different media platforms has won the hearts of many subscribers who desire to bring a copy of Zagat Restaurant Guides with them wherever they go . It is available in printed guidebooks, online at, Zagat To Go for smart phones and for mobile phones.

To provide consumers with trustworthy and reliable information, Zagat Survey mandates in its policy that surveyors and editors give and gather only honest and objective ratings and reviews for each place. Violation of these policies may result in the removal of the establishment involved. This is why for almost 30 years Zagat Restaurant Guides has provided quality ratings and reviews on thousands of restaurants, hotels, and other attractions. Today, its countless subscribers have assisted it to become the world’s most trusted source of information when it comes to dining, travel and other leisure activities.

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