Advertising Techniques
Strategies to Promote Your Business

What kind of advertising techniques are you using to get the word out about your business? A viral marketing campaign, viral email marketing, or are you using some other customized marketing solution?

advertising signWell, if you doing any of these, that's great. But, it is not enough. No business booms with just a handful of loyal customers. It has to continuously find new customers to expand that loyal customer base. Consequently, the more repeat customers one has, the more people will talk about your services and products to others.

Advertising vs Marketing

What is Marketing? Isn't it the same as Advertising? Not quite. Marketing is more of an all encompassing plan of attack which promotes your business as more of a personal brand. Advertising techniques include paid, less personal messages given to the public to capture the attention of the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

This is advertising. Advertising techniques, after all, do not only include a catchy TV commercial or a blown up image of a product as a billboard at a highway. Whatever method calls attention from the public to your product or service is considered advertising. In fact, many thriving businesses do not need TV airtime or visibility at a train stop. For small to medium businesses, for example, their best advertisement is service of excellent quality that will be talked about by those who experienced it firsthand.

To aid you in initially getting the word out about your business, though, you need to utilize different advertising techniques. Here are some of them:

Direct advertising
One of the advertising techniques that businesses find helpful is by mailing ads directly to potential customers. You can build a mailing list. For example, if you are targetting the decision makers in a company, you can easily research about who you need to address when sending a direct mailer. If you are targetting mothers, then you can build a mailing list of residences with families.

The thing about direct mailers is that they are less intrusive and the recipient has the choice to read it right away or put it off for later, whereas, in telephone advertising, there is a big chance that you’ll catch your potential customer at a bad time. On top of this, rarely is there a person who likes listening to ads over the phone.

Magazine advertising
One type of media that can really get some attention is a magazine. Because it targets a certain type of market, a magazine already delivers an ad to an interested person. If the magazine is about beauty and fashion, then a lipstick ad will, more often than not, catch the attention of the readers of the magazine where it appears.

Be in the news
Though not as targeted, one of the advertising techniques a business can use is by being in the newspapers. Besides the usual ads where one can show a photo of a product, a tagline, and contact information, advertising can also be done by coming up with an advertorial. An advertorial is an ad that is presented just like a piece of news or a news report. One can also appear in a newspaper by being reviewed by a columnist or reporter in, say, the lifestyle pages.

Receipt ads
These are simply ads or promos attached to or printed on the back of one’s receipt. It’s true that this will only reach existing customers but if it’s such a good promo, the customer will likely share it with a friend. This will increase the chances that the friend will visit the place and buy a product to avail of the promo.

Get listed
There are people who already know where to find something specific like, say, house cleaning services. But those who don’t and do not have time to ask friends for a referral, the easiest way to find what on is looking for is through a directory. That is why one of the important basics of advertising techniques is to get listed in popular directories. With just a flip of pages, your potential customers will soon be ringing your phone.

What VoteForUs can help you with

Here at, we can help you get the word out about your business by featuring you in our affordable web promotion / Business Spotlight page. This is one of the modern advertising techniques because more and more people are going online to learn about some things before making a purchase. For example, if a surfing newbie wants to know where to buy surfing gear, Internet access makes it quicker to find that specific information. Armed with knowledge from a good feature article and accurate location details, the person who visits our website will soon be your customer.

With the rating that your customers also give you in, provided that you gave them excellent service, you can attract more people and make them loyal customers. A vote of approval, after all, goes a long way and will make your business worth checking out. Build your reputation with us as this is one of the advertising techniques that will have a long-term impact on your business.

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