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So, let's take a brief tour of some of the most reputable restaurants in the Albyquerque, New Mexico. And if your restaurant is featured on these pages be sure to check out how you can have your review framed and dispalyed to further enhance your reputation. Imagine showing off your current 5 star reviews in a beautifully crafted plaque. Keep the positive buzz spreading about the quality of your establishment. Visit In The Spotlight for more details.

These restaurants have received some of the top reviews from diners throughout Albuquerque.

tucanos albuquerqueTucanos Brazilian Grill
110 Central Ave. SW / Albquqerque, New Mexico

Website: Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Cuisine: Brazilian

Atmosphere: Casual

Recommended For: Great for kids

This downtown restaurant is the perfect choice for the dinner portion of “dinner and a movie.” There’s a movie theater less than a block from Tucanos. The ambience is great, and is highlighted by the “churrascos” style element of a waiter coming to tables with meats and cutting pieces for the diner at their table.

Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews / Read these Rave Reviews About Tucanos...

on 01/12/2009
from TripAdvisor

"Even the grilled veggies are good...." Click here for more of this 5 star review.

on 12/18/2008
from Yelp!

"...this place was like heaven..." Click here for the full 5 star review.

rudys bbq albuquerque

Rudy's BBQ
2321 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM


Website: Rudy's BBQ

Things to Know: Great for groups

Atmosphere: Casual

Did you really think you would go to New Mexico and not try some BBQ? Rudy’s is not an ordinary BBQ spot. The pits are 100% wood fired with oak, and they cook with a dry spice that makes their flavor very unique. The brisket is far and away the menu item that customers come out to enjoy the most.

Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews / Read these Rave Reviews About Rudy's BBQ...

on 01/03/2009
from Yelp!

"... they do a fantastic job..." Click here for the full 5 star review and others.


doghouse drive in albuquerque
Dog House Drive-In
1216 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Drive-ins are a thing of the past for most of the world, but Albuquerque is still holding on. The Dog House doesn’t have any modern amenities, including debit card systems,
but they stand on their product alone. After 50 years the chili dogs and crispy tater tots are not to be denied. The customers have spoken.

Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews / Read these Rave Reviews About Dog House Drive-In...

on 02/19/2009
from Yelp!

"...Seriously, .. good!" Click here for the full 5 star review.

on 01/01/2009
from CitySearch

"...The food is cheap and so good..." Click here for more.


sadies albuquerque

Sadie's Dining Room
6230 4th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 345-5339

Website: Sadie's Dining Room

Price Range: $1-$20

Cuisine: Authentic Mexican


Located in the North Valley area, Sadie’s is the premier Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque. The dining experience is satisfying in the way of service and the food. The setting in authentic Mexican style, and the nachos are HUGE. The portions of food they give is surprisingly large. Customer reviews had frequent mentions of the sopapillas.

Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews / Read these Rave Reviews About Sadie's...

on 03/18/2009
from CitySearch

"...this place was great!..." Click for more.

on 12/11/2008
from TripAdvisor

"definitive New Mexican cuisine..." Click here for the rest of this 5 star review.

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