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Alexa Tool Bar / Overview

Have you ever wondered how certain traffic analyzing sites come up with their report on website rankings? Well, Alexa Internet is one of the most popular traffic analyzing sites in the web. The analysis of data for ranking is collected with the use of their Alexa Toolbar.

The Tool Bar by Alexa is an application developed by Alexa Internet to measure website statistics.  It provides information on every Web page a user visits. This includes the rating for the page’s traffic, page reviews by other Alexa users, contact information of the web page owner, and web page statistics among others.  The Tool Bar by Alexa is available for download at the Alexa Internet site. According to Alexa Internet, there had been over 10 million downloads of their Alexa Toolbar in early 2005.

How it works

The Tool Bar by Alexa works by collecting and storing certain information or data about their users’ web page views and data entered in search fields. With the Tool Bar by AlexaVersion 5.0 and higher, even the user’s online purchases while using the tool bar service may be collected. Furthermore, one should note that Alexa does not attempt to determine the identity of its users. After collecting, Alexa then compiles and analyzes these information to prepare reports on website traffic, web usage, shopping habits and patterns and consequently to improve its services.


The Tool Bar by Alexa is a free search and navigation companion that accompanies users as they surf. It also provides useful information about the sites they visit without interrupting their Web browsing. The Alexa Tool Bar prides itself with its very practical features. Below is a list of its features with corresponding descriptions:

  • Popup Manager – the Alexa Tool Bar has a built in Popup Manager that let’s its users surf the web without the presence of annoying popup ads.

  • Web Search –The Alexa Tool Bar enables its users to search the web directly through this feature. One exceptional thing that this feature offers is that it gives users an overview or behind-the-scenes information about the sites that makes it to the search result list. This could save time by sifting through sites that are really of significance and ignoring the unrelated ones.

  • Site Info –this Tool Bar by Alexa feature provides users with website statistics, reviews and site owner contact information. Another cool thing about this feature is that it enables one to do a review on a certain website.

  • Related Links - One main feature of theTool Bar by Alexa is its Related Links. Related Links are lists of websites that are related to the web page a user is currently viewing. Whenever a user visits a web page, the Alexa Tool Bar retrieves information from its servers and suggests other related sites. This enables users to locate new and interesting sites without having to return to the search page.  

  • Tell A Friend – Alexa allows its users to share opinions about sites that they find to be great or interesting. Tell A Friend allows users to share their favourite sites to friends by simply entering their friend’s email address and clicking send. A detailed message with site and other helpful information will then be sent to that particular email address.

  • Wayback – The Wayback feature of theTool Bar by Alexa lets one view how a certain website looked in the past with the use of its archived copies. This could be done by simply selecting a particular date and pressing enter.

For many users, Tool Bar by Alexa Service improves one’s ability to use the Web. With over 10 million downloads, the Alexa tool bar sure proves to be a helpful and practical tool. Alexa Tool Bar is one application that would surely fit the bill whether you’re a student, employee, or business owner.

You can download the tool bar by Alexa by jumping to the following link:

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