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How are you promoting your bar?

Bar Promotions that Work

Putting up a bar is a tough act. If someone decides to venture into this kind of business, he is in for a lot of work and advertising. To be able to pull off this kind of business, one must first study and really dig in on a couple of facts and information that are essential to this business.

Positive promotions
for your bar are needed if you hope to not only survive, but thrive. Some things to be considered are a very good and solid business plan, bar’s location for potential heavy traffic, effective entertainment solutions, resolution management approaches for disputes among customers or employees, good customer service, and security measures.
Having this kind of business has its pros and cons. If managed very well, it could bring in a lot of profit that could possibly go up to 6 digits. The right blend of people coming in every night allows a very diverse group of interesting crowd.  The bar could then possibly be the hot spot for local community events and productions. On the other hand, the less prepared newcomer, who thinks he knows all about the entertainment trade, might have debts, unpaid bills, pending payrolls, and a calloused business spirit.

The never ending quest for effective bar promotions

Even with different bar promotions such as contests, DJ’s, and promos, some bars still cannot manage to have a decent traffic for one or two nights. With a lot of competition sprouting everywhere, it is an extra challenge for the bar owner or manager to somehow stand out from all the rest.

Promoting a local bar or even a well known melting pot for party people is no piece of cake.  Bar promotions must always be fresh and up to date with current trends or else the patron population would slowly disintegrate. Different gimmicks are being employed by bar owners or managers to boost bar promotions.

Some guidelines and customized marketing solutions on bar promotions

One of the most basic things to consider to boost a bar’s traffic is good lighting and good music. This creates an atmosphere wherein customers would have a blast with the entertainment and at the same time could still interact and have conservations that are not masked with the music’s volume.

In connection to this, live music is always helpful. It could attract patrons and keep them coming. If budget’s an issue, one could always offer nights without pay to local bands who are trying to make it big. To ensure all age groups are given priority, try to alternate bands of different genres to cater to different populations.

Another good way of implementing customized marketing solutions is publicizing a bar is through theme nights. A classic but at the same time a favourite among all is the ladies’ night. To be able to bring in more traffic, give out discounts or other promos to female customers. Karaoke nights are a big hit with almost everyone. If one could organize a local contest showcasing home grown talents, this could as well add up to the bar’s publicity. This could really bring in most of the town to come in, have a drink, and be entertained.

Hosting sport’s night would appeal more to male patrons. Good presentation is essential for a successful sport’s night. Have wide screen plasma TV’s positioned strategically so that everyone could have a good view. As a compliment, give out free chips. This could make customers thirstier thus ordering more drinks.

Happy hour is an essential component of bar promotions. Drink tokens could be given out to customers which would somehow impel them to return some other time. One alternative to drink discounts is to double or increase the amount of drinks for the regular price.

Articles written in the local newspaper featuring one’s bar would do great for the business. But another powerful tool is by making customer feedbacks known. A special site which offers review displays on plaques is Reviews or votes in online voting sites such as Yelp!, Zagat and CitySearch could be printed on plaques which could be displayed all over the bar. This would surely add an extra oomph to one’s business.

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