Black Hat Adsense
Is Your Online Business in Danger of Being Penalized?

Black Hat Adsense / Black Hat vs White Hat

White hat techniques use legitimate and honest ways or methods of promoting websites or increasing search engine rankings by following all the search engine rules. Websites that use white hat techniques offer original content and provides quality user experience to site visitors.

On the other hand, black hat techniques use unethical ways in promoting their site and manipulate search engine rankings or listings and deceive people who use them. It is illegal and against the guidelines and rules set by search engines.

People or webmasters look for new ways of increasing their adsense revenues, some resort to black hat adsense techniques. Search engines are very much against this practice. If they find out about this illegal activity, sites using black hat adsense techniques will be dropped and banned from the search engine either temporarily or permanently. This would result to waste of time and money.

Black Hat Adsense Techniques

These shady techniques and tools usually become obsolete over a short period of time because search engines find ways to catch webmasters who use this unethical method. Buying tools and e-books to be used to implement black hat adsense techniques are usually a waste of money.

Some black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, web page cloaking, scraping and spinning, hidden texts, link spamming and more.

Keyword stuffing.
Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique that loads a webpage based on a keyword and hides it from the user. This is done in order to manipulate a site’s search engine results ranking.

Doorway pages.
Doorway pages are pages that redirect visitors to another page. These pages have no valuable or quality content at all and are created to be accessed only through search engines. Doorway pages are intended to trick search engines and they often upset search engine users.

Web page cloaking.
Web page cloaking is a deceptive technique that presents a different content for the user and a different content for the search engine. It is a dishonest means used to obtain higher rankings in search engine results for preferred keywords. It frustrates users for it provides irrelevant results.

Scraping and spinning.
Scraping and spinning uses software to grab content from other sites and making a new content out of it and placing a link to other pages to be promoted or placing the advertisement in the same page.

Hidden texts.
Hidden texts is a black hat method in which webmasters hide keywords using HTML comment tags, giving it the same color as the background, etc.

Link spamming.
Link spamming is a technique that places links that direct to the spammer’s site. This could be done using a software or by manually posting the links. Links can be posted in forums using forum signatures, blogs, etc.

A few of these schemes still work effectively, but they might become ineffective in the near future. Sites that use black hat adsense techniques works, but it doesn’t last longer and can’t be as successful as sites that make use of white hat techniques.

If you want to have long-term success, just opt for white hat techniques so that you will have better relationships with search engines and you won’t have to worry about getting banned for doing illegal and unethical methods.


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