Business to Business Marketing Ideas
How does your business grow?


Have you ever thought of how business to business marketing ideas can make your business grow? Do you form a clear and concise response when someone asks you, "What is Marketing?" If you hestitated, that's okay. Read on to discover how to take your business to a whole new level with some great business ideas.

Many businesses’ sales come from direct consumers such as a McDonalds attracting all types of people in the need for fast food. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of companies that cater to other businesses, as in the example of a cleaning company whose services are employed by a corporate office. There is a large number of business to business transactions that they are considered an even bigger income generator than business to consumer transactions in some companies.

Great Business Ideas Abound...are you taking notes?

This is why companies are trying to come up with the most effective business to business marketing
. Businesses, after all, have bigger requirements and commonly order products in bulk. They also usually commit to a particular service for a certain number of months.

Businesses need the service and merchandise of other businesses to keep their operations going. Customized marketing solutions are sometimes needed to address more specific concerns that an ordinary viral marketing campaign might not address.

If you are a company looking to get more businesses as clients, here are some business to business marketing ideas that you may want to try in order to grow your business:

Free limited service
If you want to have new clients, you should consider giving prospective ones the chance to try your product or service. Here’s an example: an internet service provider gives free internet access to a company for a month with no obligation; the company can choose to subscribe or not at the end of the month depending on the quality of service he got.

If the company already has an existing internet service provider, they can compare this new provider’s service to what they already have. If they offer the same quality of service, the company will look into which one has a lower monthly cost.

Bonus product or service
One of the most common and, most likely, the most effective business to business marketing ideas is giving something free of charge upon one’s purchase, subscription, or availment of service.

Here’s a classic example: a computer store may give a free printer or scanner upon purchasing a certain number of computer units. Here’s another: With a minimum purchase of a certain amount on a single receipt, (let’s say this is an office supplies store), the customer gets a 50% discount on another item.

Everybody loves freebies; even businesses would go for it, provided that the freebie is surely something your clients would need. And for ideas of products that capture the attention see our viral marketing products page.

Credit line
Here’s something that your loyal clients will love. One of the business to business marketing ideas that shows just how you value your clients is by giving them a credit line. Of course, this is reserved for those with a proven track record when it comes to payments.

A company would, for example, keep on renting a meeting room or a conference room from a certain workspace solutions provider at a short notice and without having to pay for the rental upfront. The provider extends a credit amount to the company which can be spent and paid on the time period both parties have agreed upon.

This gives the client less hassle in making arrangements and keeps them loyal customers.

X marks the spot
When brainstorming about business to business marketing ideas, an exchange deal would surely be one of those ides.An exchange deal (or x-deal) hits the target for businesses who do not wish to spend money on a product or service but is willing to exchange a product/service for it.

An example would be for a marketing design company or ad agency to provide creative services for a hotel’s marketing campaign (such as a brochure or an ad) in exchange for accommodation for a specified number of days for some of their executives. Anything can be exchanged on an x-deal as long as both will benefit from the product or service being exchanged by the other.

These are just some of the business to business marketing ideas that we’d like to share with you. Just like you, we know how it is to figure out what would make a business work. Over the years, we have partnered with businesses that we can rely on because we know that their services are some of the best ways to perfect our own. This is why you also need to value the potential other businesses can offer to your business. Great business ideas are always around the corner, just try to be aware and look beyond the obvious.

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