Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
The Foundation For Your Business

Do you ever wonder if you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur - a successful entrepreneur?

“I was taught that the way to progress is neither swift nor easy.” - Marie Curie.

It’s always a bit difficult to begin or start anything. A beginner has the most to learn and the most to go through. It’s the same with the opening of a new business, especially when trying to make it known and building its reputation. This is one of the most crucial times of building your business’ reputation. The entrepreneur must be able to figure out how to bring in the customers, satisfy their needs, win them over and convince them to come back. Providing great customer service is always considered the most important element.

“Making sure your new customers turn into loyal customer is critical to a company’s success. Loyal customers create “word of mouth” advertising, which is the best form of marketing a company can do,” says Kathy Doering, president of market research agency in Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Character and Integrity

Is there a secret scroll of entrepreneurial tips from which to learn? How can the entrepreneur do all of these things, then? How can he build a network of loyal customers? There are a lot of ways, but one of the most important factors to achieving all of these and thus, building that status for the business is a good, strong, and dependable character.

In his article titled “The Secret of Building a Strong Reputation”, Alexander Becker wrote, “Your business depends on your integrity while your integrity depends on delivering what you promise.”
Another article called “Integrity in Business and in Life - Principles of Business Integrity” found on the website Successful Entrepreneur Tips: Small Business Strategies for Success , wrote that the most significant quality that is most related to success in business is integrity.

It was claimed that when integrity is observed and felt throughout the business, it becomes a part of its culture and may well be one of the most essential causes of its success. It was also held that at the heart of business integrity is the entrepreneur himself, who understands the values of integrity so much that it shows in everyone working in the business and everything related to it. Integrity is found embedded within the nature of the entrepreneur and his business that others, especially existing and potential customers, can easily distinguish it and are easily drawn to it.

The question now is how can the entrepreneur create a foundation of integrity and how does he maintain it? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that leads to a strong foundation of integrity? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that can further strengthen the trust of the customers and earn their loyalty? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that builds a strong reputation for the business and future success?

Every entrepreneur is individually different, with his own strong and weak points. Some may have all of these and more or less, but all of the following can help to build a strong foundation of integrity that the customers can trust, and a business reputation that is bound for success.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Good and Definite Knowledge of Business Ethics and Values

A successful entrepreneur isn’t only profit-oriented. He has his own defined values and beliefs that he cares about and stands for, and he uses these as guides when dealing with his employees, his customers and when making decisions. This kind of entrepreneur is known to give great value not only to his customers but his colleagues and employees as well.

The people who work for and with him can feel this and are apt to radiate this kind of attitude in their work and thus, produce excellent results. Customers appreciate this characteristic and they are more likely to trust someone who values them than someone who doesn’t. They also know that this entrepreneur is someone that they can trust to do the right thing all the time.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Ability to Listen and Willingness to Learn

Having the ability to listen well and having the willingness to learn makes an entrepreneur eager to keep finding ways for improvement. He listens to his customers about their ideas, feedback, needs and even complaints and uses this in a positive way for the growth and progress of the business. He also listens to his colleagues or employees for their own advice and views that may help make the business run better, or help provide better services for the customers.

He even listens to the public, observes his competitions and uses what information he can get, may it be about their product or service, the market or trends that can affect the business, for learning and improvement. A dynamic business, like this, gives customers the impression that they will always be satisfied because the business constantly keeps looking for ways to do just that. It strengthens the business reputation more because not only do the customers know that they can be trusted at present, they also know that they can be trusted for continuous customer satisfaction.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Passion and Optimism

Everyone feels a bit down and discouraged some days, and the business career isn’t exactly smooth sailing either. But it’s amazing how an entrepreneur can love his job and his business that it’s actually addicting. Fellow colleagues and employees feel the vibe and customers sense the positive aura. This entrepreneur really believes in the product or service that he’s selling and he knows everything about it.

He even knows what the competition has and hasn’t! He uses this information to their advantage. This kind of attitude is more likely to draw in and convince more customers that the product or service provided is worth their money. An entrepreneur who has these traits is more likely to be reliable because customers know that since they love what they’re doing so much, they will take measures to improve and ensure the provision of great services.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Innovation and Creativity

An entrepreneur should have the ability to constantly think up new ideas and see a new place in the market that might be a good opportunity to take advantage of. Customers love the fact that this kind of entrepreneur never runs out of ideas to sell new products and provide better service. Having this ability also helps the entrepreneur and his business to stay up and running longer. A longer time in the market tells the customers that this business must have a good reputation, can be trusted and relied on because otherwise, it wouldn’t be in the market for long.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur / Commitment and Self-Discipline

An entrepreneur who is committed to his business and is well-disciplined has a high chance of successfully drawing in the customers and building the business’ reputation. Self-discipline helps the entrepreneur focus on the job at hand and the goals to achieve, and commitment keeps the entrepreneur working hard for the business.

Customers can see and appreciate hard work done and most of the time; this 100% commitment to providing the best services is the way to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a big plus in building the status of the business because when customers like what they have been given, they tend to spread the news.

These entrepreneurial tips are ways of being. Characteristics of an entrepreneur that promote excellent service and customer satisfaction are imperative to the successful growth of a business’ reputation. These character traits are appreciated by both his employees and his customers resulting to productive work performance, excellent provision of service and customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal, and the loyal customer is one of the keys to building reputation, and is found to be essential for the success of any business.

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