Charleston Restaurant Reviews
Best Places to Eat in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Restaurant Reviews

charlestonCharleston is known for its haunting beauty. A city among marshes, palmetto trees, and simmering beaches, Charleston has an undeniable charm. Whether you love to dine at fine restaurants, roam the main street for a casual eatery, visit a historic museum or sit on a bench and soak in the enchanting atmosphere, Charleston has something distinctive to offer.

Doesn't that intro make you want to visit? And if you've been there, no doubt you long to return. There is a lure attached to Charleston which beckons you to become a character in its history for future generations to study and enjoy.

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82 queen charleston82 Queen
82 Queen Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Website: 82 Queen

Cuisine: Authentic Lowcountry Cuisine

Atmosphere: Old World Charm

Things to Know: Great for Groups & Meetings

Charleston is a town known for its fine restaurants. 82 Queen has been in the forefront of the competition and indeed has gained high marks and accolades in this style of cuisine. For three years running 82 Queen has been voted “Best City Restaurant” by the readers of Southern Living Magazine. It has also received Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for five consecutive years.

The history of 82 Queen can be traced back to when South Carolina was just a newly formed colony. That was back in 1688. Located in the heart of Charleston’s historic French quarter, the three buildings are smack in the middle of what was once Schenckingh's Square part of the original walled city of Charles Towne.

Charleston Restaurant Reviews / Check out these great reviews for 82 Queen...

on 03/1/2009
from TripAdvisor

"...82 Queen St and it did not disappoint..." Click for more.

on 03/19/2009
from Yelp!

"I love this place, especially the atmosphere..." See the rest here.


aw shucks charlestonA.W. Shuck's
70 State Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Website: A.W. Shuck's

Neighborhood: Downtown

Cuisine: Southern

Things to Know:

The building in which A.W. Shuck’s is housed has a history of being the home of a “Blind Tiger” establishment during the prohibition era. For those who don’t know what a “Blind Tiger” place is it was an establishment that patrons paid an entrance fee to see a show that featured a blind tiger. While the patrons waited for the fictitious blind tiger alcoholic drinks were served. The patrons didn’t seem to mind that the blind tiger never showed.

Before Charleston became a tourist attraction A.W. Shuck’s opened as a place for where locals could get a dish of fried shrimp, some raw oysters, or ice cold beer. Locals have plenty of stories about the old time Shuck’s.

Charleston Restaurant Reviews / Check out these great reviews for A.W. Shuck's...

on 9/7/2008
from Zagat
There are no direct links to a specific Zagat review. Simply follow the, input Charleston and then input the restaurant name, "A.W.Shucks." From that page click on "A.W. Shucks," and you will be taken to the following review:

"Good, fresh, southern seafood..." Click here for more.

on 08/05/2008
from 10Best

"This is a most excellent dining experience..." See more here.

on 02/29/2008
from CitySearch

"This place is awesome. Our service was great..." See the rest here.


raval charlestonRaval
453 King St
Charleston, SC 29403

Website: Raval

Attire: Dressy

Atmosphere: Sexy

Things to Know: Great lounge & wine bar

From the woodwork to the lighting and the atmosphere of this winebar and restaurant achieves an effect that is both mysterious and inviting. The flickering candlelight from the bar and overhead candelabra create an ambiance that is moody and homey at the same time. A Moorish feeling lounge can be found behind the bar and the community tables. The relaxing atmosphere in this lounge is enhanced by the convenience of a second bar in the lounge itself.

The wine list that Raval maintains contains over a hundred wines with a heavy Spanish focus. A full service bar is also available to serve beer and mixed drinks. Raval is a bar that also serves food but the food is not a mere afterthought. Full of the flavors of the Iberian Peninsula the food is prepared in full view in a spectator kitchen.

Charleston Restaurant Reviews / Check out these great reviews for Raval...

on 02/03/2009
from Yelp

"...Raval is a great wine bar with a gorgeous..." Read the full review plus others.

Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave Apt C
Charleston, SC 29403

hominy grill charlestonWebsite: Hominy Grill

Cuisine: Southern

Atmosphere: Casual-Cozy

Things to Know: Great Brunch

Hominy Grill
opened in 1996 and has since won a devoted following for simply prepared but very delicious and food bursting with the flavors and traditions of the south. Housed in an old time barbershop it still has the striped poles with pounded tin ceilings and hardwood floors. Hominy Grill is a strong proponent of supporting local producers. This way they also get the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Nationally acclaimed Hominy is also beloved by the locals. They say they offer for just like grandma used to make (if grandma happened to be a good cook!).

Charleston Restaurant Reviews / Check out these great reviews for Hominy Grill...

on 03/04/2009
from Zagat
There are no direct links to a specific Zagat review. Simply follow the, input Charleston and then input the restaurant name, "Hominy Grill ." From that page click on "Hominy Grill," and you will be taken to the following review:

"...The specials are always great. Fun place..." See the full review plus others.

on 01/05/2009
from Yelp!

"...The best part? Buttermilk pie!!!..." See the rest here.

on 01/06/2009
from TripAdvisor

"The Hominy Grill is a wonderful way to start off a day..." See the rest here.

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