Creating a Blog
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Have you ever thought about creating a blog to generate business? Not sure what is a blog is? Let's start from the beginning.

What is a Blog?

A blog or web log is an account that is usually kept by person; this individual is called a blogger. This account can be about any topic but it is usually a record of events or personal thoughts of that occur to the individual keeping the blog. The word blog is a shortened version of web log. Other material is sometimes added, for instance graphics or videos.  Postings or entries are usually maintained in a chronological manner. Mark and I started looking at different types of blogs so we could determine which one would best suit our purpose before we decided on creating a blog.

Blogs are a form of internet viral marketing ( see the Definition for Viral Marketing ). In case you didn't know when word spreads about your business that is called viral. And that is a good things if you want a flow of people showing up at your establishment.

Creating a Blog / What type is a good fit for me?

There are many types of blogs. Most common is the personal blog. Personal blogs can be compared to a personal diary. It is an account of the events, reflections on the life o f the person keeping the blog. Personal blogs often become sentimental, a reflection on the feelings of the blogger.

Now, if you are a business owner you can still write a personal blog related to your business or you can write a strictly professional business blog. I depends on your personality and what you feel comfortable with.

An example of a business blog wih a personal touch is Kalyn's Kitchen. Kalyn's comfortable style of writing has made her blog very popular and the beautiful pictures of her food make people come back for more.

Creating a Blog / If I build it, will they come?

Most blogs never gain a large audience; however some have risen to the mainstream and have achieved large followings. The key to gain is a following is to update your blog at least 3 times a week.

Other types of blogs are called according to the types of materials posted. Blogs which are composed of videos are called vlogs. Photoblogs can be a photographic record of events or a compilation of pictures. I type of blog with short posts and mixed media is called tumblelogs.

Some blogs are genre specific. These focus on a specific topic. There are political blogs, education blogs, fashion blogs, and classical music blogs. Blogs often display advertising to promote causes or charities preferred by the blogger. Advertising can also benefit the blogger financially.

What Points Do I Need to keep in Mind in Creating a Blog?

In creating a blog you must first set a goal. The possibilities are endless. Mark and I realized that if you can dream it you can manifest it. These goals can be your guide to what you want to accomplish. If you are willing to give value then you can attract visitors to your blog. But don’t just stop there once you get to your goals, set higher standards!

A catchy upbeat brand is absolutely necessary in creating a blog. A good memorable brand, great content, memorable images, and clear communication are all qualities of a great blog. A quality blog with an upbeat tone, a title that will be easy to remember, has a tendency to attract a large audience. They are usually popular on social networking sites. Their articles are usually thought provoking and intriguing. These attract new readers and keep old readers coming back.

Creating a Blog / Building trust works

Blogging is all about building a community. The blogger-reader interaction is one for the most important aspects that you can develop on the blog. Readers should feel that they are welcome to your blog. Opinion polls and can give them the initial impetus to participate. The readers must be made to feel that their contributions matter to you the blogger.

In creating a blog new ideas are often an effective way to get exposure. If you can be innovative then readers are going to flock to your blog. New Ideas and plans may not be successful and that will still be fine, but it’s always a good idea to learn from an unsuccessful endeavor.

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