Customer Service Slogans
How Knowing Them Can Help Your Business


How Can Customer Service Slogans Help My Business?

The skill with which your company can provide customer service that consistently exceeds the expectations of your customers will be one of the more significant factors that will contribute to the long term success of your business. So how will a slogan help your business serve your customers better?

Every time your business has contact with anybody else there should be reassurance and an increase in confidence on the part of your customers on how they view your business. This increase in confidence of their perception of your establishment can easily be converted to sales. Service slogans are a crucial part of how the Mr. Joe Public will perceive your business.

In an extremely competitive market where your products or services will be almost identical to several other companies, you have to find a way to stand out from your competition. You have to drive your message home to your consumers with intelligent, creative, and memorable statements so that you make yourself distinct and unique from your competitors. This is the primary objective of customer service slogans.


What Do I Need To Keep In Mind In Making My Customer Service Slogans?

The most effective slogans are short and to the point usually with dynamic and powerful messages that are compelling especially when they are used together with company logos and brands. You also need to ask yourself what is a bad slogan so that you can avoid the same pitfalls. A bad slogan tries for and misses the point resulting in slogans that sound irrelevant, meaningless, and pretentious.

In developing a slogan you have to assess what your vision of your company is all about. You have to look at your company culture. What words can you use to describe your company philosophy? What does your brand want to convey? You must also study what your competitors are doing so that you can do something different or you might just fade into the background with a slogan that might have similar words or similarities in meanings.

You then start to compile a list of words that demonstrate the distinctiveness of your company. The concepts that make your company different from your competitors must be conveyed with dynamic and powerful words that are evocative. An emotional reaction is what you what to elicit with customer service slogans.


Here Are Some Examples of Customer Service Slogans:    

  • NikeJust Do It

  •  AvisWe Try Harder

  • California Milk Processor BoardGot Milk?”

  • American ExpressDon’t Leave Home Without It

  • TimexTakes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking

  • Customer Service Slogans / Keep it Real

    However, customer service must be more than just slogans. The expression talk is cheap really does come into play when your customer service is really bad no matter how catchy and well constructed your slogan is. The question then follows do you really give good customer service or are you just talking big?  Successful customer service must necessarily be more than just slogans to be effective. It be a unified strategy that has to be put into practice with the best interests of the customers at heart.

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