Definition for Marketing
How Are You Promoting Your Business?

What does the term definition for marketing mean?

As an entrepreneur, your target audience has to single you out in a sea of competing brands offering similar products. Why not help them narrow down their choice by positioning yourself as the market leader and making them want you instead? This is where marketing comes in.

viral marketing  When you are thinking about how to show that your business stands apart from the rest, think customized marketing solutions. The way to be recognized as a leader in your field of expertise is with a little marketing Insight, a never-give-up attitude, mixed with a sense of adventure.

Definition for marketing

What is marketing and why is it important to your business? Marketing experts come up with several definitions for marketing. Here are a few of them.

  • The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price -  Adcock

  • Marketing is essentially about marshalling the resources of an organization so that they meet the changing needs of the customer on whom the organization depends. - Palmer

  • The achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than the competition.- Jobber

In a nutshell, the definition for marketing can be summed up as thus: It begins with consumers—attracting and persuading them to buy your products and services, and making them satisfied with the purchase—and ends with profit.

Since profit is almost always assured with the right marketing strategy, let’s focus on the most difficult part of marketing—attracting the consumers’ attention.  

Definition for marketing: Creating a buzz through the word of mouth

Modesty has no room in business; it’s all about blowing your own horns to get noticed.  You want your products and services to get known fast and create a niche in the market you want to penetrate. Now, the best way to do this without sounding just a mere braggart is to infuse it with the element of legitimacy. This you can achieve by utilizing the power of the word of mouth, the cheapest form of marketing and one of the most effective. This whole word of mouth is very powerful, and this leads into the definition of viral marketing.
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Banners, posters, flyers, brochures, promotional cards, signs and displays, table tents, television and radio ads—these are varied avenues a business makes itself known. The best way to make these tools work for you is to combine these advertising techniques with the power of the word of mouth.

What better way to create buzz for your company than have a third party in the same market you operate in to legitimize your claims? All the rage now in the restaurant, bar, spa and other businesses is having plaques and certificates set up in their establishments as testament of their excellent product and services.

If you have a restaurant business, for instance, just imagine having gleaming plaques displayed at strategic areas in your restaurant such as “AOL City’s Best Sushi” or “Best of CitySearch Restaurant” can do for your business. That’s word of mouth for you, immortalized in 9 x 12-inch big, ½-inch thick crystal Lucite with opaque black border and polished and beveled edges.

Definition for marketing: claiming supremacy in the market

Another definition for marketing we can glean from this is that ordinary promotion tells you’re good; excellent marketing tells how you dominate the market. The recognitions spearheaded by AOL City’s Best and CitySearch, for instance, were given after thousands of consumer votes for several business categories were carefully tallied, and they speak volumes about your business. What they proclaim to the world is: “We are so good a reputable award-giving body such as Zagat Survey rated us ‘Very Good to Excellent’!”

But, how do you know how to answer the question, "What is Success?
" When your promotions, marketing efforts and attention to great customer service has paid off.

Other promotional materials you can use for this purpose are e-prints, window decals, posters, banners, and glossy prints, each flaunting your good ratings from CitySearch, Zagat, Yelp or AOL City’s Best.  For additional information on how best to showcase your hard-earned recognition, please check out the website which shows you how to add a touch of class to your establishment, In the Spotlight.

Definition for marketing: Consumers want promotional materials they can use

Instead of coming up with materials that can easily be discarded after serving their purpose, you can go a step further and use materials that have a high usage and remembrance factor. Think pens, t-shirts and polo shirts, caps and hats, canvas totes, lanyards, coffee mugs, umbrellas, clocks & watches, note pads, coloring books, mouse pads, calendars, monthly planners and what-have-yous all emblazoned with your company logo, tagline, contact information and/or awards. These promotional items ( viral marketing products )can be given away to your customers, employees or business partners.

Definition for marketing: Going the extra mile

Traditional promotions combined with a little personal touch go a long way in sustaining customer interest and loyalty. Send special little gifts and give regular discounts especially to long-time customers. A viral marketing campaign that is mixed with a little ingenuity can go a long way in spreading some positive word of mouth.
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You may ask your loyal customers to provide their birth dates and home and email addresses, for example. During holidays or their birthdays, you may send them gift certificates or vouchers to your establishment.

Here is one good article, "How to Keep Your Customer Base Thriving", to guide you in keeping your customers loyal, care of Best Management Articles.

Definition for marketing: Nothing like freebies to lure customers to you 

Giving free samples is also a clever way of building goodwill and snagging consumer interest. If your business is restaurant, for example, you can set up booths in your neighborhood where the restaurant is located, and serve a sample of your specialty to passersby. If your business is spa, you can perhaps offer gift certificates for free facials or massage to winners of radio on-air contests or door prizes for non-profit organizations.

Definition for marketing: Using multiple marketing tools

There are numerous marketing tools, whether offline or online, you can combine to let the word out about your business. Advertising in radio, television, direct mail and print media can be very effective but expensive, while advertising through the internet, flyers, business cards, and email is not only effective but also  relatively cheaper. Whatever tools you use to promote your business, the key is to keep your efforts sustained rather than sporadic.

This site, care of, can guide you in creating the most eye-catching materials to market your business.

More Customized Marketing Solutions for Greater Marketing Insight

The following are online tools you can use to market your business:

Definition for marketing: Influencing public opinion 

Studies show that consumer perception is influenced by what they read or hear about a particular product, service or establishment. Consumers who are presented with a positive image of the company tend to have a more positive impression about the establishment prior to the actual purchase of products or services. By using these word of mouth promotional materials in your bar or restaurant, for instance, you are actually giving your customers a preview of what they can expect from you even before they sit down and start ordering food and drinks. 

Definition for marketing: Capitalizing on truth rather than invention

The best thing about these promotional materials is that it remains true to the ideal concept of marketing; it does not require you to pretend to be something else that you’re not. It merely builds on what is already true for you. By marketing your uniqueness, you clearly identify your niche and build your reputation.

Definition for marketing: Motivating your own people

Another definition for marketing we can derive from this is that marketing not only attracts more customers; it also works magic from within the organization itself. Showcasing your achievements not only encourages your customers to have confidence in you, it also instills pride in your employees for being part of a business known for its excellence. It makes them want to work harder to help maintain that image.

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