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Free Web Promotion Tool / What Is Web Promotion?

When websites are used as a marketing tool they must be promoted so that they can carry out the purpose given to them. Websites need a certain amount of traffic to be useful in this regard. This purpose is to attract truly targeted traffic and to create a pool of loyal, paying customers.

Promoting websites must use an amalgam of marketing and advertising techniques to attract traffic to a website. Owners and webmasters have many techniques for driving traffic to their sites. Targeting search engine traffic through keyword listings is a favorite. These keyword listings can be either paid or unpaid for. URL submissions to directories online are also a very effective promotion tool.

Link exchange, affiliate marketing, and social networking, and blogging are also excellent and very effective and positive promotion methods.

Free Web Promotion Tool / Are There Applications Which Can Help Me Promote My Site?

These applications are commonly known as web promotion tools. Optimizing your site for promotion involves several aspects. One of these is keyword selection. Search engines scan the relevance of the text in your page to determine page rank. The importance of keywords and phrases in terms of traffic must be emphasized. This is where the keyword selection tool can be extremely useful.

How popular is your website? Popularity refers to the number of “votes” or more accurately, the links that point to and direct traffic from other sites to your website. Link popularity analysis is one of the best methods to measure your online presence or overall visibility. A tool that can find out and show the number of pages in the database of the major search engines that have links to your pages would be a valuable tool in promoting your site. A related tool also checks the validity of the links to your page. This tool can check if links to your site are still functioning correctly.

A search engine spider is a program that is designed to crawl around and scan webpages and bring the data back to their database. This data will then be added to the index which then will be included in search engine listings. The capability to simulate and see the links and text that a spider detects can give an edge to the web page designer. The spider simulator is designed to give that edge to webmasters and owners.

Free Web Promotion Tool / So These Tools Are Really Free?

There are websites where you can download a free web promotion tool. These free tools are designed to help website owners promote and design their sites. Of course some of these tools are for sale but the freeware are just as useful. The website owner can make full use of free resources on the internet. These resources are cost effective and can be downloaded with just a little effort.

Free Web Promotion Tool / Where Can I Find Them?

These are some of the sites that have free tools that you can make use of. Addme offers several free web promotion tools that are quite helpful like a search engine submission tool, a Google page rank tool, a link popularity checker to name just a few.

Network Solutions also has a few useful free web promotion tools. They have a search engine spider simulation tool, a keyword suggestion tool although this particular tool does not scan for copyrighted keywords it is still very helpful to the page designer. There are some tools that WebsitePromotion  offers on their site that you can check out. Their website translator can translate websites into several available languages. An RSS tool is also available. This tool creates an RSS button on your blog.

Website promotion is necessary to increase traffic to your site. If your site is designed to be used for customer acquisition then website promotion becomes even more essential. You need dedication, skills, creativity, and knowledge to be an effective website promoter. Sometimes the best way to increase traffic to your site is just to go back to basics and offer quality content.

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