Functions of Public Relations
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Functions of Public Relations / Using PR For Your Business

Professionally speaking, public relations means the activities that management undertakes to evaluate and measure the attitudes, opinions, and sentiments of the public toward your organization. A public relations plan will be an integral part of who determines policies, processes, and procedures with regard to public interest that your organization will follow and implement.                            

In conventional marketing public relations is employed to influence customers and their buying habits. Public relations is also part of a comprehensive marketing communications amalgam which also includes advertising, sales promotion, and direct sales.

The effective use and practice of public relations theory which results in the organization being viewed in the general publics’ eyes as a responsible and ethical company that is concerned about the welfare of its customers will soon manifest itself in the organization’s bottom line.


What Are The Functions of Public Relations?

Community Relations. Any organization must be seen as a good community citizen and should have the goodwill of the community in which it operates. An effective community relations program will need to be continuing and comprehensive.

Organizations can implement various programs to improve community relations on a regular or even ongoing basis. So, clearly, one of the major functions of public relations is to bridge the business/community gap. When organizations support activities and programs that improve quality of life in their communities their image and reputation will be enhanced.

Employee Relations. Maybe the most important resource that a company has are its employees and the customer service they provide. The functions of public relations in regards to the company’s employees is the maintenance of employee goodwill. The image and reputation of a company among its employees is also another responsibility of public relations in its function of employee relations.

Product Public Relations. When new products are introduced to the market the role that public relations plays is crucial for creating awareness and differentiating the product in the public’s eyes from other similar products. When existing products need a push public relations is often called on the improve product visibility.

Sometimes there are changes instituted in existing products and public relations has to focus the attention of consumers on the product. If a product needs to be positioned in the market a properly executed public relations campaign, much like an effective viral marketing campaign, it can overcome buyer inertia and remove negative perceptions on the part of the public.

Financial Relations. This function involves communication with the wide variety of individuals and groups that the company deals with in the course of its operations. This includes the stockholders and investors but is not limited to them.

Financial analysts and potential investors have to be informed about the company’s finances. A well planned and executed financial relations campaign can increase the value of the company’s stock because of improved image and reputation. This improved image can also make it easier to gather additional capital.

And if you are seeking free money for your small business, your pr will put you in a better position to be seen in a good light, by the people that write the checks.

Political and Government Relations. The wide range of activities that public relations has to cover in the political arena includes influencing legislation that can be hindrances to the proper operation of the company. Public relations in politics may have to stage debates and seminars for government officials.

So one of the functions of public relations can actually be to not only change the way your community works, but your state, and even your nation.

Crisis Communications. When anything untoward happens like an accident in a production plant it is the job of public relations to provide honest and accurate information so that the uncertainty by the people involved directly or indirectly can be assuaged. Natural disasters, management wrongdoings, bankruptcies and product failures are crises which public relations must play a large part.

We all want justice, and the truth to come out. That is why it is nice to know that one of the functions of public relations - crisi communication - makes this happen.

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