Leadership Qualities
Are You Prepared to Lead?

Do you have the necessary leadership qualities to take your business to the next level?

Successful businessmen are successful leaders. Small or big business demands a lot energy and effort to nurture the growth and development of an entity. A business' reputation is never attained with any easy formula other than hard work. Qualities of leadership may lay dormant within us be must awakened with time and developed with training for us to lead our team in an effective way.

Leadership Qualities / Are you a leader or a follower?

The term "leadership qualities" can be defined as the ability of a person or businessman to willingly make other people or employees follow him. A successful businessman has within his arsenal the following qualities to pursue the envisioned goals or combat adverse situations.

  • Good communication skill.
    Good and effective communication is the first key to establish good business relationships. However communication skill requires high thinking power, good general knowledge, greater comprehensive abilities, sufficient command over languages and substantially higher abilities to deliver thoughts.

    It is said that “first deserve than desire” so to obtain Business Reputation Awards you must have the described qualities at least at a moderate level. This is the first of the leadership qualities for a reason...for without excellent communication skills no one would listen.

  • Honesty.
    This may be the most valuable characteristic of a successful business leader. All religious messengers have put greater emphasis over honesty and it is no less important for running a successful business. A businessman must be honest to his employees and to the patrons/customers if he expects his business to thrive.

    Honesty, in other words, brings integrity. And integrity is the most admirable trait of the successful enterprise. The rule of thumb here is first of all you should be honest to yourself. If you never cheat yourself then you never think to do it for others.

  • Fairness.
    A good businessman knows the consequences of injustice done with the staff members or team members. They always play fair and dispense justice with an unbiased manner. Leaders tend to hear every team member and seek evidence to prove the views presented.

  • Creativity.
    Success of the business always relies on the creativity of the team. Many times this creativity comes from the leaders' creative qualities. Their way of thinking out of the box, ignites the imagination of those around them. Creativity always demands great imaginations or the vision of the future. This visionary outlook enables them to carve the future growth paths for their business developments.

  • Progressive.
    Creativity is never confined to leaders only. Successful leaders pass it to the other team members by training and mentoring. The progressive thinking of leadesr give way for the development of the team members and this progressive team assures the progress of the business itself.

  • Assertiveness.
    Not aggressiveness, but rather a balanced act of responsible aggressiveness is needed to implement decisions. This quality of assertiveness is desirable to obtain desired results.

  • Independence.
    This attribute is found universally among managers and successful business owners. A great leader also supports an independent nature among those that he supervises. A spirit of indepence builds confidence among individual team members. This independent nature saves the team from the victimization of stopping the work flow and gives them respect among their co-workers.

  • Magnanimity.
    This is the ability to give credit to everyone who deserves it. Leaders try to spread credit as much as possible and to inspire a feeling of confidence. In return this feeling binds the team, making them stronger. This is one of the most important qualities of leadership because it emphasizes a giving nature, thereby creating strength.

  • Humanity.
    One of the most desirable attributes for the success of any business is a deep regard for humanity. This is a feeling of equality. As every human is equal, no one is above or below others. When instilling the qualities of leadership, a sense of humanity should be second nature.

  • Sense of Humor.
    This is the last but not least of the qualities of leadership. A sense of humor makes the leader popular among the team and this creates a healthy stress-free environment in which to work.

Kouzes J. M. and Posner B.Z. (2002) conducted a survey around the six continents for a period of 15 year duration. They covered 75,000 people in their questionnaire to identify the desirable characteristics of a good leader. The summary of the three last consecutive years has given below:

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leadership qualities chart

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