Low Cost Website Promotions
Marketing Your Business On a Budget

Low Cost Website Promotions

Website owners want traffic.  But unlike the traffic on our highways, this is good traffic.  Building this kind of traffic might cause congestion but most likely it will lead to sales.  And sales always make businessmen smile. 

Cost is always an issue among businessmen. However, it is unavoidable.  What we can avoid is making that cost higher than it should be.  We all know that in order for sites to generate attention, we have to promote or advertise and these cost money.  But there is some good news.  You can generate traffic onto your website with low costs

Low Cost Website Promotions / Got Bright Ideas?

Ever since the advent of the internet, websites have been popping up everywhere.  The internet has made the planet into a global village where everything and anything you need is online.  But ever wonder how top sites like ebay, foxnews and rapidshare got to be on the Most Visited Websites in the US? 

Because they generate a combined average of 2.5 billion hits per day.  But how did they do that? 
On this page we are will discuss some of the low cost website promotion ideas that you can do to generate traffic onto your site just like ebay.

Low Cost WebSite Promotions / Here's Something New

If you have a have Brick and Mortar store this does does mean you do not have a website. In fact, if you are industrious and serious about being seen, you have both. And if you do there is a great website promotion that you really need to be aware of.

The promotion involves reviews that you have been given on some of the major review sites like Zagat, CitySearch, Yelp, etc. There is a company which integrates your uniquely positive review and places it in a handmade laquer plaque. The result is a beautiful display of your businesses great service, food, or what ever the review emphasizes.

The other cool thing about this company is that they offer an e-version to their customers, so that your review can be displayed on your website. This a great way to enhance the reputation of your eatabishment. The company that offers this promotion is called In the Spotlight, and you can view these low cost promotional items by going to their website, InTheSpotlight.com.

Low Cost Website Promotions / Good Ole SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular ideas on low cost website promotion.  This internet marketing advertising promotion technique utilizes key words to up your rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo.  The easiest way to do this is to think of key phrases that people would want to type on the search bar when they want to know more about your product. 

For example, your shop specializes in customizing cars in Albany, New York.  Then your key phrases should be a variation of those words like: custom cars in Albany, car accessories in Albany and other variations.  They main thing to remember when making your key phrases is to think like the person making the search.

Tags - Next are your tags.  Tags for SEO is a sentence or two describing what you do.  These sentences should contain your key phrases.  These tags are the words which will be visible when your page appears during web searches.  Note that the browsers will only display the first 60 words or so, so keep it short but to the point.  You can also do your Meta tags. 

Meta tags are just shorter tags that are even more direct than your original tags.  So when you do your Meta tags just get to the point.  Google doesn’t use Meta tags anymore but Yahoo and other search engines do.  Meta tags are commonly found on top of webpages near the title. 

Content - When writing content for your website, remember to include your key phrases on the first two lines of your paragraph.  This is called SEO copy writing, and it is critical if you want people to find your pages...and your business. This is important because search engine spiders or bots only look at the first few lines of websites when they search for related content. 

Low Cost Website Promotions / Linking and Page Rank

Another low cost budget promotional idea is the link strategy.   Linking your website to other website is a form of advertising which is usually free.  Linking is also actually related to SEO but on its own, it is also a good idea. 

When you come across a site that you think might be useful to yours or would improve your website, then contact the owner via email inquiring if they would consider a link exchange. The webmaster will be more willing to do this if you show that you have already put their link on your site.

The more links you have from similar themed sites the higher your page rank on the search engines will be. So if you want people to find you linking and page rank and terms you should get to know.

Low Cost Website Promotions / Friendly and Consistent Emails

You can email the other site owner that you have linked his site, he may or might not link your site to his but this is good karma.  Keep on doing this and sooner or later other site owners will link your site too.  Like many things in life, it is a numbers game.

Do your best to keep a positive frame of mind, and make a plan to contact 5 websites a day. You may surprise yourself how many links you wind up with by the end of the year.

Low Cost Website Promotions / Out With the Old?

Then there are the traditional low cost website promotion ideas we skip because they are “low-tech”.  Traditional advertising like handing out flyers, business cards, radio ads and the like should be looked into.  If you have an existing campaign that utilizes any or all of the above mentioned and they work for you, then by all means, continue with them. 

Low Cost Website Promotions / Using Viral Marketing Products

If you are not familiar with viral marketing products or internet viral marketing, get ready to jump into a crash course. If you hope to scratch the surface of marketin online you will need to know how to develop a competitive and compelling viral marketing campaign. Don't worry we will show you how.

Opt-Ins - Website owners usually have opt-in options on their pages, and some of them underestimate the power of the opt-in.  Opt-ins are those boxes where visitors leave their email if they want freebees (like free downloadable books or music downloads) or ezines

Databases - Valuable databases are the result of your customers filling out their information on these opt-ins. Giving something of value away for free today translates into your satisfied recipient coming back and paying for something on your website later.

What's valuable? Hmmm...well, as Albert Einstein would point out, that's relative. Say for example you sell computer parts or gadgets online. 

You can offer updated price lists or gadget calculators to your visitors who leave their email addresses.  Updated price lists are also great “sales letters” that entice people who want to upgrade their pc’s or laptops.  These freebees are valuable to visitors because they get free information that is relevant to them.

E-zines - can contain advice, tips and other pertinent information to your website visitors.  Again, you offer these to them for free, and while others may not want to read your newsletter, chances are there is always somebody out there who needs help, and that is what your e-zine is for. 

Blogs - are not only low cost budget friendly options, they are also fun to do.  Simply log onto or create an account and start posting your blogs.  The most popular places to begin writing a blog are:




These blogsites receive thousands of hits per day and by themselves are unique communities of people who want to share anything and everything.  Because of the popularity of blogging, these sites have become advertising hubs, full of information on the latest products, services and reviews.  Best of all you can use these sites for free.

For more information on why and how to create a blog follow this link to the Creating a Blog page.

Low Cost Website Promotions / What is Your Time Worth?

Now that you know there are less costly alternatives to website promotions, it would be good to note that although the costs of doing all of the above are minimal, they take a lot of time and effort.  If you are considering on doing all of these by yourself then brace yourself for a lot of late nights surfing the web for advice, tutorials and research. 

Low Cost Website Promotions / Never Give Up

However, the satisfaction of accomplishing something always leaves you feeling good. If you have done your due diligence...and your homework, it will pay off. It won't be smooth sailing, but persistence wins out, cause while you are still plugging away (with that postive attitude) a multitude of others are dropping out.

So don’t be afraid to try something new.  The internet is dynamic and always changing and human beings can only adapt to its changes.  If any of your low cost promotional ventures should fail, then seek the advice of a professional or try again.  This attitude is what separates businessmen from employees- the “never give up” attitude. 

For more tips and advice on low cost promotions:




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