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Secrets to Success


MacDonalds Restaurant has certainly been in the business of fast food long enough to be recognized (from 1955 to 2009 so far). Although its very first establishment was opened years before 1955, the world renowned fast food chain experienced real growth and development under the management of Ray Kroc.

With over 50 years in operation, every businessman certainly has something to learn from this successful fast food chain. How was it able to survive all those changing years? How was the company able to grow the restaurant first in the country, then around the world? What were its secrets to success?

Behind a Great Business is the Mind of a Great Businessman

Ray Kroc definitely deserves much praise for his exceptional abilities in helping the MacDonalds restaurant expand. He believed that the business would be a success, and he used everything he knew and experienced for its the growth. He was able to make excellent decisions, pinpoint problems and quickly think up solutions for them.

For example, Ray made a great decision when he decided that establishing restaurants first was main priority for uniformity. He also made sure to help out his franchisees instead of just being a supplier, because he figured that their success would contribute greatly to his own. He was very particular about many things, such as the uniformity of all MacDonalds, and the maintenance of its cleanliness.

He believed that the success of McDonalds restaurant relied much on its ability to taste exactly the same in all branches. Indeed, much of MacDonalds’ early growth and development is owed to the entrepreneur behind it, Ray Kroc. In many ways Kroc embodied the true definition of an entrepreneur.

Skillful Marketing

Ray Kroc believed much in advertising, and from then until now, MacDonalds restaurant has been known for its numerous viral marketing campaigns and powerful advertising techniques. From the first symbol, “Speedee” – the hamburger man, which has been changed to the world-renowned “Golden Arches” symbol, to the creation of Ronald MacDonald as mascot and major TV commercials, the company certainly makes sure to invest a lot in advertising. This works very much for MacDonalds, which has experienced large increases in sales for every successful marketing campaign launched.

Use of Innovative Ideas and Modern Technology to Improve Services

MacDonalds restaurant definitely doesn’t fall behind with technology. In fact, they constantly seek out ways for improvement, and use technology to help them in this goal. They’ve come up with the “Made for You” operation to enhance customized dining experience, especially for those with special dietary needs, and they’ve thought up innovative ideas and techniques to serve their customers better, such as handheld order-taking devices for faster service, and free Wi-Fi access for the benefit of customers.

MacDonalds Best Assets (MBA) – Great Service Begins with Me

Many agree that one of the reasons why MacDonalds restaurant is so successful is that it isn’t only customer-oriented, but also staff oriented. They believe that they owe much to their employees, and provide excellent training and career development for them. Management also makes sure to lead in example, creating a friendly, but competent service culture within the company.

Flexible Response to Customer Demand – Go the Extra Mile for Service

50 years can consist of a lot of change, especially in customer demand. How does MacDonalds restaurant survive through all those years? By being customer-oriented. Through all those years, the company has kept up with what the customer wants, and have given it to them. In fact if you asked Ray Kroc, "Why is customer service is important?", he would have sat you down to explain how it was the key to his success.

They concentrate on internal performance benchmarks instead of comparing themselves with competitors, and they take pride in constantly improving their services for their customers. They’ve thought up various services to meet the lifestyle changes of their customer, such as 24-hour dining, Drive-Thru services, McDelivery, Breakfast from 4am, healthier food choices and so much more!

Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value

The Funding Universe website has detailed information on MacDonalds restaurant, and an article entitled, McDonalds Unveils Its Winning Formula for Success” has enumerated its winning formulas. But, McDonalds’ secrets to success can best be summarized by the pillars upon which the company has built it on since 1979. “Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value”. MacDonalds restaurants make sure to provide high quality food, excellent service (fast and friendly), constant maintenance of cleanliness in each branch, and they value you (the customer), and their employees.



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