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MySpace Social Networking

MySpace is a social networking website where people from around the world can post blogs, upload videos and pictures, share music and “hang-out”, so to speak.  It is one of the most visited websites today, generating a staggering 1 billion hits per day with 106 million registered users as of September 2006.  MySpace reportedly attracts 200,000 new accounts everyday.

The popularity of social networking sites has spawned a new breed of customers who look at the internet as the equivalent of “cyber mall”, where everything is available with the click of a mouse.  Indeed, the internet has created a world where information seems to be the new currency.  And this currency is what drives social networking sites like MySpace, the easy flow of information from one person to the next.

Social networking sites were originally intended for friends and families to get in touch or keep in touch with each other.  This is why a group of your friends and family is called “your network”.  You can update them with your blogs, announce upcoming events and email them.  This feature was soon utilized by businessmen seeking to increase their profit for advertising their services and products.

MySpace Social Networking / User Friendly

MySpace and most other social networking sites are free.  You can easily create one by registering.  Once registered, you can add details to your profile.  This profile is like a summary of your likes, dislikes, interests and other data you would like to share.  You can also include apps like an mp3 player and broadcast your favorite tunes online.  A video streaming feature, like the one YouTube uses can be embedded with clips of you during your most recent adventure, favorite movie or other videos you would like to share.  The profile is perhaps the most important feature when creating a MySpace page since it tells your visitor who you are and what you are about.

MySpace pages can be customized in order to better fit your personality or character.  This can either be done by professional MySpace designers or you can utilize the pre-uploaded custom features that are readily available.  Your design should be unique and eye catching.  It should be attractive yet classy and elegant.  Some MySpace pages tend to be cluttered or too colorful or too dreary, so when designing your MySpace webpage, remember to balance taste, personality and colors. 

Another important feature of social networking website is the security.  MySpace security settings can be set to public or personal.  This means that you get to choose who has access to your page.  Public profiles are for those who want anybody and everybody to have access to your profile.  Private settings are for those who opt to limit the people who have direct access to those already in his network.

MySpace Social Networking / Why use MySpace to Advertise?

The best answer to that question would be: “because it’s free”.  Because social networking sites have thousands of members online, these members can become your potential client base.  MySpace and other social networking members tick off a list of likes and interest, age range, location and other pertinent details, so searching for a specific demographic for your product is as easy as ticking off those boxes. 

MySpace is currently doing beta testing for its MyAds division.  MyAds are paid advertisements which can be made available to MySpace users.  The concept of MyAds is easy, its like creating another MySpace social networking account. After which you choose a template which suits you, next you choose your budget which basically means that the more you pay, the more people on MySpace that gets to see your ad.  You also get to monitor the performance of your advertising campaign via MySpace.  MyAds give businessmen an affordable and effective way to promote products and services on MySpace.

MySpace Social Networking / The Craze

The craze over social networking websites are so “in” it has given birth to around 300 more websites.  MySpace ranks among the top 3 and is still going strong.  However, anything that takes up your two most precious commodities: time and money, should be thoroughly examined.  Before committing yourself to pages in social networking websites, do your research, ask around and tinker around.  Find several that fits your business and start making those pages. 

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