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Dollar stores are variety stores which sell a variety of items usually at a single price point, usually $1.  The dollar store is the predecessor of the nickel and dime store where everything was either 5 cents or 10 cents. 

Perhaps the most well known dollar store in the contiguous United States is the Dollar Tree.  As of November 2008, it has 3,572 stores in 48 states. 

Online Dollar Stores / $1 Concept

The idea of the dollar store is easy; everything is at $1 or less.  All of these items are familiar to us and range from household cleaning items, personal care items, diapers, soup and other foodstuff, apparel and even accessories.

All the items in dollar stores are not expired or about to go bad, they are just products which have been made for the mass market. 

From an economic and marketing point of view, the strategy of the dollar store is price.  It offers cheap everyday items for a dollar or less targeting not only the lower income families, but those who like to look for deals and bargains.

Although most people seem to equate dollar stores with depressed low income areas, dollar stores also exist in areas where middle class and upper middle class people live.  In Atherton, California where people with incomes of over $200,000 reside, has a dollar store within their city limits.


The concept for online dollar store is the same as the traditional store, everything at less than a buck.  Dollar tree has a website which sells and delivers $1 or less items around the United States.  However, unlike the brick and mortar stores which sells in retail, ships wholesale items.

A quick browse through their website gives you an overview of what to expect when you order through them.  Everything is still under a buck but everything is also in bulk.  So if you fancy ordering some bathroom tissue or deodorant or some socks you might be wondering why you are paying for more than $1?  This is because everything comes in a case.  Bathroom tissue comes in a case of 12’s so you get 12 rolls of tissue for $12. 

Online Dollar Stores / The Top 7

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Save On Close-Outs

The Advantage

Ordering from online dollar stores if you own an online grocery store or if you have a large family saves you a lot of money in the end.  Because everything is in wholesale price, savings are guaranteed.  You can take advantage of the wholesale price by either pocketing the savings or reselling the merchandise you bought. 

Dollartreedirect has two ways of getting the products you bought to you.  First you can opt to have the whole thing shipped to your home or store and pay for the freight charges.  Or you can opt to pick up your purchases at the nearest Dollar Tree. 

Open Up Your Own Online Store

Other online dollar stores like Big Lots and Family Dollar have the same concept.  Buy in bulk for wholesale prices.  Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Family Dollar target a niche in the market: those who like to buy wholesale and like to shop through the internet. 

Many people who like to work at home are realizing the huge customer potential this type of buisness would entail. And as people are becoming more internet savvy and the internet becoming more secure, internet shopping is becoming the more convenient choice for shoppers.  Most online dollar stores like Dollar Tree do not refund sold products but offer to exchange items instead.  This seems like a good deal considering how low and affordable the prices are.

Cheap and affordable merchandise has been a market staple and is here to stay.  People criticize dollar store products as being low-quality and poorly manufactured.  But regardless of manufacturing process or quality, dollar stores online and offline will always attract a fair share of the market, most especially during this hard time of the US recession.

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A report has indicated that Dollar Tree actually saw an 11% rise in their profits for 2008 even through the US economic slowdown.   This is probably because people are tightening their belts and saving, opting to do their groceries at dollar stores where products are almost identical at normal groceries except that they are priced at a buck or lower.  This shift in consumer behavior is almost always manifested during hard economic times where people are opting to save rather than spend.

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